Why did the bee go to the doctor?

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Because he had hives!
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When is the the Doctor in Doctor Who going to die?

Presuming you mean David Tennant, there isn't a set date. But in the 2009 specials of Doctor Who, David Tennant will appear in all of them so therefore the last shall be his r

Is math used in beeing a doctor?

\nYes, I am one and I use it all the time. When calculating doses of medications, doctors need math. There are many other examples, but the answer is a strong YES!

Where do bees go during a storm?

in any small whole.....underground, in tree truncks, bee hives, and even in ur house but sometimes for instance a bee chased me in that rain when I was goin to my car so no al
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How deep can bees go in the ground?

Bees tend to burrow 2 to 3 inches into the ground when they aretrying to build a hive. Depending on the size of the hive willdetermine just how far down the bees' hive will be
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Is there going to be another Doctor on Doctor Who?

Yes. A new actor will be introduced as the new Doctor after MattSmith leaves in the 2013 Christmas special. A Time Lord is, according to the show, able to regenerate thirteen
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Who is going to be the 12 doctor in Doctor Who?

The 11th Doctor is played by Matt Smith, the youngest ever actor to take on the role. He has been in the job since 2009. See related link. He has announced that he intends