Why didn't the tooth fairy come to my house?

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I am Sorry To say this but he/she didn't come because the tooth fairy is not real. I even asked my mom "is the tooth fairy real?" She said no honey its not real its just us. i belived her. she asked me am i upset about it and i said no because whats so special about a mythical fairy who cashes in your tooth for a dollar?
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Why did the tooth fairy not come to your house?

Well it depends if you got to bed to late she won't come and also if you are not asleep she will not come but if you wanna write to her and want an answer back always say your

When does the tooth fairy come?

The Tooth Fairy comes when you lose a tooth. You leave it under your pillow and he comes and takes it and gives you money or some type of other gift.

When is the tooth fairy going to get your tooth at your house?

the tooth fairy will come to your house! because im the tooth fairy!don't believe me? proof will fix ya up!how do i know you lost a tooth?well,an alarm goes on when you get a

Do tooth fairy come and get your tooth?

The tooth fairy is real and she does exist. She comes when you aresleeping, she takes your tooth, gives you money. Parents do NOTtrick you and put money under there just for f

When is tooth fairy coming out?

Never. The toothfairy does not exist. It is just another one of those things parents make up for kids so they have a good imagination.