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Why didn't the founding fathers establish term limits for congress?

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Actually, there was significant debate during the Constitutional Convention about instituting Congressional term limits, but it was not considered a priority because no one could envision career politicians. At that time, the pay was low, and the power of government was minimal, so the only reason someone would go through the trouble was to ultimately serve the nation, and it was thought that few would be willing to do it for long. Today, the government is so powerful, with so many opportunities for influence, financial opportunities, and corruption, it attracts the very worst sorts of people. Michelle Obama's salary, for example, tripled after the first year her husband became a Senator. (www.PatriotMusic.com)
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There are no term limits in the Constitution. They were added for  the President by the 22nd Amendment in 1947 (ratified 1951). This  only occurred after the extraordinary f