Why do Brazilian women have big butts?

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The same reason American or Canadian women have big butts. I've seen some very beautiful Brazilian women. Westernized countries are so use to seeing "twiggy" figures or slim women that they don't realize the average woman is more, shall we say, "rounded and robust" at times   This is correct. You may be stick skinny, but too skinny. If you add a few curves then you will have a good size.  
Brazilian woman are the biggest worldwide users of butt implants. The reason for this is because it is bikini season all year around, so women there feel it is important to look their best in their swimwear. Of course its the same with breast implants, but still the booty is the most important feature for them to "emphasize", to get that pear shaped body, which is considered extremely attractive.

We here in Brazil have a lot of African genes thus curvy figures, I'm Brazilian and even if I were underweight I would probably have a b-cup breast and a nice rear, it's common here to see people with big boobs and big rears that never had plastic surgery, Brazilian women are very obsessed with gyms and beauty treatments, I agree with that but the whole Brazilian butt implant, that's other cultures trying to get our bootie lol we get it naturally.

I've seen thin black women who has huge butts too! Not just the curvy ones. So what gives with that? Is it the heritage or another genetic gene?

Brazilian women are a mixed race of people. They have African genes, which is where I think they get the big butts and thick thighs. Brazil is known for women with plump behinds, it is also a third world country. I doubt that so many women there could afford expensive plastic surgery to enhance their buttocks, you usually see that in more affluent countries like the U.S.. Not to mention has been known as big booty capital of Latin America for a long time, way before the advent of modern surgical enhancements.
They get that nice booty from their black genes, and blacks have big butts because of the heat and scarcity of foot in hot regions. The body stores fat for periods with no food, the butt is the ideal location because it doesn't interrupt the woman's center of gravity.

A more interesting question would be, why is anal sex so prevalent in Brazil?
The same reason why Black fellows keep winning all the gold medals in track and field events, its genetics !

The whole world envy brazilian women ! That's great ! (Anal sex is prevalent in Brazil ....LOL)...
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