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Why do Easter eggs represent Easter?

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it represents new life like when Mary went to go see Jesus he was gone and everyone believed he was then a spirit
so it represents new life
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What do Easter eggs represent?

Easter eggs (and bunnies) represent fertility. Easter is named after Eostre, the Saxon goddess of spring, when fertility and new life were celebrated.

Did the Pope get an Easter egg this Easter?

Perhaps he did. Eggs signify new life, which Jesus Christ gave us in the resurrection, allowing us to have eternal life after death with him in heaven. Thus the eggs signify n
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How do Easter eggs relate to Easter?

Easter comes from a pagan spring rite and eggs represent the rebirth of the world after the death in winter. The Catholic Church in the Middle Ages was able to convert the pa

Why are there Easter eggs but no Easter bird?

The egg was a symbol of spring, fertility, and rebirth over 2,000 years ago, long before it began a world-wide association with the Christian celebration of Easter. There is n