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Why do Easter eggs represent Easter?

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it represents new life like when Mary went to go see Jesus he was gone and everyone believed he was then a spirit
so it represents new life
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Why do you have Easter eggs at Easter?

Very simply, Christians have eggs at Easter because pagans used to celebrate the coming of spring with eggs (which were a sign of new life and rebirth). When Christianity spre

Why are Easter eggs important at Easter?

It's a celebration of new life during the Spring Equinox which means, whoops, it's a "pagan" tradition (to use the term "pagan" quite loosely).  My guess is that Christianity

What do Easter eggs represent?

Easter eggs (and bunnies) represent fertility. Easter is named after Eostre, the Saxon goddess of spring, when fertility and new life were celebrated.

Why are Easter eggs associated with Easter?

Rabbits and eggs are pagan fertility symbols of extreme antiquity.. Birds lay eggs and rabbits give birth to large litters in the early spring these became symbols of the ris

What does the egg represent on Easter?

A symbol of rebirth, or renewal, as Christ rose on the third day after crucifixion, according to the Bible.
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What does the Easter bunny have to do with Easter and the egg?

It has nothing to do with Christianity. The legend has it that there was a beautiful bird who loved the goddess Isis. Each year on the spring equinox would come and lay her co
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What Easter egg have to do with Easter?

we have eastereggs because it mean new birth like a chick growing in a egg which is new bagging to chicks like new life. thanks for reading i hope this helps you