Why do Italian male names end in o?

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Derived from Latin masculine second declension ending "-us", the "o" ending generally signals that a word/name is masculine. Exceptions include names like "Andrea" (Andrew), "Luca" (Luke) and "Nicola (Nicholas)", which are of Greek origin.

Do Italian last names end in vowels?

well, some of the ways u can tell if someones Italian by seeing if their last name ends in lli, my friends last name is dimicelli and that's Italian, or sometimes if the last

What is 'male' in Italian?

Maschio is an Italian equivalent of 'male'. It's a masculine gender noun that's pronounced 'MAH-skee-oh'. The Italian word 'maschile' is a masculine adjective that means 'mas

Is Pinocchio a male Italian name?

No. It is possibly a nickname derived from the Italian word "pino"which means pine. Pinocchio is the former name of the Tuscanvillage, San Miniato Basso, which is the setting