Why do Jewish people have a mezuzah on the doorframe?

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The mezuzah is a prayer to protect the home that Jewish people place on door frame. The outer casing is simply a decoration to protect the prayer.

The prayer is usually hand-written and is on the same type of parchment paper used for the Torah.

Some people only put them by the front door entering the home, while others put them on the door frames of all the rooms in the house, except the bathroom.


It's a commandment from the Torah: "And you shall inscribe these words upon the doorposts of your house and upon your gates."
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What is a mezuzah?

The mezuzah is a small rectangular container which holds aparchment inscribed with the portion from Scriptures called theShema: "Hear, O Israel..." (Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:1

What is the mezuzah?

The mezzuzah is a small box fixed on the doorpost of a house or interior room (excluding bathrooms) with a tiny scroll of scripture on it. This is done to fullfill the command

Why Jewish people kiss and touch the mezuzah?

For Jews, the Mezuzah is a symbol and reminder of our Jewish faith and what it stands for. By touching or kissing the mezuzah, one is acknowledging their love of G d and com

What is mezuzahs?

"Mezuzahs" is commonly used as the plural for "mezuzah" although the correct way of saying the plural for Mezuzah is Mezuzot. The Mezuzah is a small scroll with Biblical sc

Why do Jewish people place a mezuzah on their door post?

It is a commandment in Torah, and the commandment is part of a prayer said in almost every service, to remember what God did for the Jewish people to help them get out of Egyp
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What does a mezuzah remind Jewish people of?

A beautiful Mezuzah is a proud declaration of the Jewish faith. The mezuzah contains a parchment with passages from Deuteronomy ch.6 and ch.11, reminding us of the importance
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How does the mezuzah express the covenant between God and the Jewish people?

The mezuzah contains the key commands given by God to the Jewishpeople; verses which command us to love God and remember the Torah.Affixing a mezuzah is specifically mandated
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What is in a Mezuzah?

Inside the Mezuzah-case is a parchment scroll, handwritten by ascribe, with two paragraphs from the Torah: Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and11:13-21.