Why do babies breathe faster than an adult?

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Because They Lung Might Not Be Stronger Than Adult
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What do children do faster than adults?

Children learn faster than adults because their brain is literally growing in size faster, the human brain typically grows until someone turns about 22, but as you age everyth

Why do babies have a faster heart rate than adults?

Infants have faster heartbeats than adults for two reasons. Likemost small animals, because they have so much skin for less volume,they lose heat much faster than adults. As w

Why are babies pulse rates faster than adults?

The short answer: . The elevated heart rate is required to support the baby's rapid growth. Some Detail . Fetal development is dependent upon adequate exchange of gases a

Is a dog's breathing faster than a humans?

yes dogs breath faster then human because they always have there mouth open so im guessing they do humans only breath like around every second they dont always have there mout
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Do kids breath faster or slower than adults?

Kids breathe faster because their lungs are smaller and are softer so they need more air and go really fast for the air like when they run too fast and are out of breath!