Why do car rental companies sell their cars?

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What I heard is that they don't want to deal with cars older than 3-4 years because they'll have to pay for repairs. Therefore, the only way to always have new cars is to sell the old ones.
** Rental companies must circulate 1-2 years to keep current with what the manufactures make. All rental compaies MUST purchase a certain amount of NEW manufactured cars- there fore they must get rid of the 'older ones' to dealerships to make room for that new stock. To re-coup the purchase costs, the sell the higher miles ones (typically 10-40k miles). (about 50-70% of cars you see at dealerships are purchased rental cars) As for 'not wanting to pay for repairs' .... rental companies DO make repairs. The ones they do not is if the total estimate of the damage exceeds the value of the car. -jsparkles
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