Why do cell phones help teach kids responsibility?

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Because it can help them show how to use there min. and texts limit and it shows that you are allowing them to have things but it can be taken away! + you can say if they do something wrong like not doing homework you can ground them....trust me no kid likes there cell phone taken away!!! (btw im a kid!!! haha)
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Do cell phones teach responsibility?

Yes, children of all ages can feel safe when playing outside or just walking home from school. Also, children might be worried that they might get their phone taken away if th

Why is it important for kids to have cell phones?

well, because if they walk home from school alone they will need a cell phone incase of an emergency.......and for medical reasons if they have medical problems cell phone

How do cell phones teach responsibility?

for a young kid or teen its having something to think about. its remembering not to forget you r phone- is it charged- did someone call or text- its a constant reminder to hav

Do kids have responsibility over a phone?

Some children can handle the responsibility, as long as you show them you trust them with it. You would probably be best with a child 13 and over, possibly 11,or 12 if you h

Can kids get in trouble with cell phones?

It depends on the kind of cell phone that a kid is using and how he is being guided on his cell phone use. Kids are naturally explorative so it is more ideal for them to get a

What year do kids get cell phones?

It depends but most about 12 years old or 13!! It really depends. Some kids get them as low as seven years old. It all depends on the parents, and if the child needs one. For

Why are cell phones good for teaching responsibility?

Well when it comes to taking care of a cell phone it is not like a person or animal. The child needs to be able to keep up with it and not get it in water and to turn it off w