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Why do dogs roll in dead animals?

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why dogs roll in dead animals The current theory about why dogs will roll in smelly material comes from on their relationship to wolves and observation of wolf behavior. Wolves will often roll in decomposing carcasses or the feces of plant eating animals or herbivores. It is assumed that this masks their own scent and enables them to sneak up on their prey without detection. It may even fool members of the other species into accepting a wolf as one of their own. It is assumed that this instinct is what we are seeing in the behavior of domesticated dogs as well. Working and hunting dogs tend to roll in smelly stuff more often than other breeds and this is perhaps because they are more closely related to wolves.
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Not safely. While dogs like doing this sort of thing, you need to prevent it as best you can, and for exactly the same reasons you don't eat roadkill: it can get you Very sick

Why do dogs roll in other animals' feces?

When dogs were in packs, and they needed to go out hunting, they rolled in animal feces to mask their scent. Today's domesticated dogs may do this by instinct.

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You give it a bath, a very long, thorough, soapy one at that! That way you house won't stink and your dog will be clean and hygienic, you wouldn't want to get ill from that!

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If you have it on a leash, yank the leash to make it stop. If it's not on a leash, yell "NO!!" at it, and it should stop and look at you. Train it to stop by bribing it with t

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