Why do drummers practice with headphones?

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Here are some reasons drummers practice with headphones on.

  • Drummers need to hear the metronome. Practicing with a metronome ensures that the drummer is on time. This also enhances his inner clock and enhances his counting so that he wont speed up or slower down his tempo when playing live.
  • To protect the ear drums. Playing behind the kit can lead to some ear problems over time. Drummers need some sort of ear protection to make sure they wont have any hearing problems. This also ensures that they would last long cause hearing is an essential tool in music and without it, its almost impossible to play music.
  • To hear the music. Some drummers prefer to play the song with a guide. To hear it better they play it through headphones instead of just playing it through speakers. Just like a metronome, playing with a song also helps in making sure you have the right tempo and it helps in a drummers inner clock.

These are just some reasons why drummers, like me, use headphones. Some may just use it for accessory but who knows? there are millions of drummers out there and we cant just ask for their opinion 1 by 1.
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