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Why do fish need strong muscles in its tail fin?

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To swim.
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Why do fish need fins?

Fish use their fins for propulsion (to push them along in the water) and like boat rudders to guide their movement. Also, many fins are bony and sharp and provide a degree of

What does the tail fin of a fish do?

The tail fin acts as a rudder on a ship would. . Turning the fish in whichever direction it wants to go in.

Do cod fish have tail fins?

There are several species of fish that are commonly called "cod". They all have a caudal (tail) fin.

What is the tail fin of a fish called?

The caudal fin is the tail fin, located at the end of the caudal peduncle and is used for propulsion
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Why do fish have tail fins?

They have tail fins to propel themselves in water. It can also aid in steering the fish in one direction.