Why do fish not get 'fried' when lightning strikes?

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Fried Fish? Here are opinions and answers (In the form of an argument):
  • Really fish do get fried if they happen to be in the area of the strike, but because the ocean is vast and lightning is dispersed into the water for only a very short distance, most fish are only stunned. If lightning was able to travel in water and not be dispersed would you want to go to the beach?
  • Contrary to what some people believe, salt water is a GOOD conductor of electricity! Anything containing ions is a good conductor of electricity. Pure water (meaning ONLY hydrogen and oxygen molecules) is a poor conductor. The reason salt water is a good conductor is due to the charged ions from the salt (Na+ and Cl- ions). You may be thinking "then why can I be electrocuted at home if we don't have salt water?" Well it's because your home water isn't exactly pure - there are several other ions and minerals in it. (Free ions means free electrons are available to flow and create a current in water)
  • They do. Every year around 7000-10000 lightnings strike the sea around the world and and when this happens most of Earth's marine life dies. Luckily fish are are fond of sexual intercourse and the sea life grows to its peak numbers around summertime.
  • Ask anyone who has been shocked and they will tell you that salt water is a very good conductor since our bodies are mostly salt water; great conductor. Salt water fish/wildlife do not just make up for their loss by having a reproductive free for all, it takes years to replace damage to any part of a reef system. Most lightining strikes happen in open water where there is almost no damage the the ecosystem and whatever fish is hit is not fried but boiled.
  • There are conductors, semi-conductors and insulators in this world. While fresh water is a good conductor due to the impurities in it, salt water is only a semi-conductor and the lightning dissipates faster than it does in fresh water. But even in fresh water the lightning only travels so far before it too will dissipate.

Most people think that water is a conductor and that that is why it causes people to die from electrical shock when exposed to it. This is untrue.
My answer is two fold. First of all pure water is an insulator. When it is mixed with impurities those impurities are actually the conductors, not the water. Second electricity always takes the path of least resistance (It will travel through the material that is most conductive).
If your in a pool of water and the lightning strikes most of the charge won't travel through the water, because it is an insulater. It will travel through you the conductor. You are the path of least resistance (especially if your touching the bottom of the pool or the side of it). That is why people are killed in a pool from lightning strikes. Most of the people that survive such strikes were probably floating in the water, not touching anything else but the water (thus not completing a circuit).
I would suggest that most fish in the ocean do not get killed for this reason. Salt water is a very good conductor and as such the salt water pulls the path of the electricity from the lightning bolt around the fish, not through it. I would add this as another reason among the others above.
When someone is in a bath tub and an electrical item is drop in and that someone is electicuted, this is because the the path of least resistance is throught the person touching the bottom and sides of the tub. The water is mostly insulated from the current so it travels almost entirely through the human body.
because the electricity is dissipated.
== == Some fish can be electrocuted by lightning. It depends how close they are to the lightning strike. Natural waters usually have enough ions in it that the electric charge from lightning will be dispersed very quickly and so will not carry enough charge to electrocute fish if they are very far from the lightning strike.
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Can lightning strike an airplane?

Answer . Yes, and if a plane is flying in or very near an active cumulonimbus cloud, the chances are fairly high. However, as a precaution planes, generally have some sort of method in allowing it to absorb or channel the electricity somewhere else.

What happens when lightning strikes the ocean?

When lightning strikes the ocean, it doesn't really do anything. The only thing it pretty much does is just either stun the fish near the lightning strike or "fry" them. The things that only get affected by the lightning strikes are the people or animals near it.

Why does lightning strike people?

When charged particles in the storm clouds, Positive in the bottoms and Negative at the top, also known as the 'anvil', gather in clumps, they can be sent downwards in the form of lightning to connect to the positive charges in the Earth's soil. Lightning is 'lazy' and seeks a path of least resistan (MORE)

What are ten lightning strike tips?

Don't be the tallest object around . Don't be near metal objects . Don't stand under power lines . Don't swim in a pool . Don't shower or bathe . Stay away from windows . Don't operate electrical appliances (talk on phones [land or cell] . Don't huddle in a group of people . Seek lower groun (MORE)

How long does it take for lightning to strike?

It takes less than 1/1000th of a second for the initial discharge, which can travel at up to 60,000 m/sec (130,000 mph). The actual illumination of the air can last anywhere from one to ten seconds as multiple discharges are common.

Can lightning strike through windows?

A lightning bolt would explode the glass window before it would travel through the glass. Storm lightning is so fast that even if it were to go thru a window the window would shatter from the heat and speed. Glass is not a conductor so, being struck by lightning thru the window would take the Glas (MORE)

Why does lightning strike towards the ground?

The vast majority of lightning flashes between cloud and ground begin in the cloud with a process known as the preliminary breakdown. After perhaps a tenth of a second, a highly branched discharge, the stepped leader, appears below the cloud base and propagates downward in a succession of intermitte (MORE)

What is left after lightning strikes?

O3 - Ozone is left in the air in the vicinity of the strike. If the lightning strikes solid stone and other hard materials it can leave a black or white char mark. If it strikes sand it can produce glass.

What are lightning strikes?

Large bolts of electricity coming from clouds. In some cases the bolt comes from the earth up to the cloud.

Why did lightning strike?

If your asking why does it strike at all, it's because of the negative charges the atrract the energy.. If your asking why does it strike at all, it's because of the negative charges the atrract the energy.

What not to do when lightning strikes?

Do NOT strike back. Lightning will kill you if you try to get revenge. Take the example of the Empire Strikes Back. look what happened to the Empire. they got blowed up in Return of the Jedi.

Does lightning strike in the rain?

The cause of lightning is the collision of molecules in the air as the rise and fall in a thunderstorm. Rain is very likely wherever there is lightning and thunder, so I would prepare for rain. I do not think the forecast meant to eliminate rain from the thunder timeframe.

How do lightning strikes cause bushfires?

Lightning strikes are the main natural cause of bushfires in Australia (human activity is the main overall cause). Australia is a very dry continent with lower rainfall than other continents, particularly during the summer in southern areas. The country is drought-prone, with long, hot, dry summers (MORE)

Why does lightning strike a lightning rod?

It usually does that because it's the highest thing around. .....When there is a point on a conductor charge can gather more there, causing the air around the conductor/lighting rod, to ionize....Ionized air allowed the flow of charge very easily so it will flow through the air to the rod and in (MORE)

What is lightning and what happens when lightning strikes?

1. Lightning is created by strong updrafts carrying rain to the top of the cloud causing friction with hail or ice creating an electrical charge, like static electricity. When the lighting is built up to a certain point it has to balance or equalize with the grounds charges. When lightning strikes (MORE)

How does lightning strike a soccer field?

Although an elevated, conductive object is more likely to draw a lightning strike, these discharges can strike open ground or in fact anything that provides a grounding point. Lightning can even (though very rarely) pass through buildings with open windows, in one and out the other, along a path of (MORE)

How does friction contribute to a lightning strike?

Any process that causes separation of positive and negative charges in the atmosphere can cause lightning. Lightning occurring during thunderstorms is thought to be the result of vertical motions causing charge separation. Ice particles typically will hold a positive charge in the upper part of the (MORE)

When lightning strikes why don't fish die?

When water is struck, the power is transferred through millions of gallons of water and very limited amounts in comparison would affect fish. The fish may still feel a shock at a certain distance, especially due to their very sensitive lateral line, but it most likely would not cause any harm.

How do airplanes survive lightning strikes?

Most airplanes can survive lightning strikes due to their thick strong skin and high altitudes. Airplanes are very safe to fly and they get rid the waste of human lives because they are extremely well maintained and cannot break into pieces that easily. Airplanes only take 4 to 7% damage of lightnin (MORE)

Can lightning strike anywhere?

Just about. It strikes when the electric potential has built up high enough to ionize the air. That can happen anywhere.

When does the lightning strike?

carry the six then use the quadratic formula negative b plus or minus the squrare root of b squared minus 4 ac all over 2

How does lightning strike from the sky?

Lightning strikes from the sky when a channel of charged ions reaches down from the sky to connect with a channel of the opposite charge that is reaching up. This causes a flash of light called a step leader when electricity travels between the charges.

What are the odds of lightning striking twice?

According to the year 2000 census, the odds of getting hit vary a ton. It depends on the time of the year, location, personal lifestyle, etc. A very very rough average chance of an American getting hit by lightning once within their lifetime (assume 80-year lifetime) is apparently 1/6250 based solel (MORE)

When did the first lightning bolt strike?

The first lightning on Earth probably struck a little more than 4billion years ago when Earth became cool enough to support stormclouds. There was no life on Earth at this time, so it isimpossible to know exactly when the first lightning ocurred.