Why do investment bankers buy the stocks?

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to sell at a higher profit to their clients....?
They can be buying to collect on dividends, lower cost basis of stock they already own, diversify their portfolios, speculation and of coarse profit in the resale.
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What do investment bankers do?

investment bankers profit from companies and governments by raising money through issuing and selling securities in the capital markets(both equity and bonds) An investment ba

Role of investment bankers in mergers?

to b.s. both sides into thinking this is the best thing for both of them and collect a fat fee. No seriously, that is the answer. Ok, less harsh, to bring the parties together

What GCSE's do you need to be an investment banker?

You dont need any specific ones. But you need a good degree. In maths, physics, finance etc. And to get a good degree you need good a-levels, like Maths, Physics, English or s

How hard is being an investment banker?

In terms of the actual work, for most bankers it isn't so difficult, mainly number-crunching, executive summaries etc. However, the hours are quite hard, and do not expect to

Are investment bankers licensed?

Yes. That have at a bare minimum a FINRA series 79 license, although it is not uncommon for them to have many other licenses, like the 7 and 63. Unfortunately it's not as easy

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