Why do little kids have to die?

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Religion says we can't know or shouldn't ask or it's all part of a plan we don't know about. Truth is, you are born and you die. Some early, some not soon enough. Life is a dart board and we don't know who is throwing the darts or when we are going to get hit by one. That's just the way it is.
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When do you get to touch little kids?

If you are a parent or someone who cares for children as a living,touching them may be necessary sometimes; for example, to pick themup for a hug or to carry them somewhere, t

Why do little dogs bark at little kids?

They bark at little kids most likely because they believe they are the boss. I have a chihuahua and since the beginning I have kept him on the ground and he has grown up aroun

How can little kids be in love in Sims?

I Don't think they can, on Sims & Sims 2 (haven't played Sims 3 yet) only teenagers and adults can fall in love, but i think you can make the kids have best friends. To make t

Is 12 a little kid?

Well 12 is a kid but not a little kid. A little kid is considered 1-8 or maybe even 1-6!

Is victorious a little kid show?

no it is not eventhough it is on nickelodeon it a show for teens. Basically it is the same age group as icarly as sometimes this could be more of an opinion than a fact

Do sharks eat little kids?

Sharks very rarely eat humans of any size. . At the depth of water where a small kid is most likely to beShark attacks are even rarer.
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Was there ever a little kid killer if there was then who?

Yes, there was a kid killer and my friend knew her. It started when she was at daycare and she brought in her teddy bear to school to show it off. and then what happen she dro