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Supposedly 5 out of 10 males at some stage will have tried women's clothes and masturbated. For some the have an innate desire to be a woman and for others if they don't have a girlfriend it allows them to feel close to a woman by wearing soft stockings and spanking their own bottom - sounds out but this is what humans do .
Also because it is fun, it is something different to our boring clothes we have. Open any catalog and flip through the women's section, then go to the men's. Get through the men's quickly! Women have such a great selection. Also, men's clothes are so balky and big. Men are allowed only 5% of the world to taste while women can enjoy 100%
Me, I pass this way once, I am going to enjoy myself. I do wear women's tops, pants and shoes out in the public, I keep it to something both can wear. You see what I mean? I shave my legs, and wear makeup. I don't flaunt it just do it.
I also have changed in stores or even worn a dress into a store. And shopped. I have had very few problems with this. I also went to caring a purse, and again be used by both sexes. What a shame when we see this as gay, or weird. When girls began to play boys sports and wear our clothes that was questioned also. But in time everyone got used to seeing females in men's roles and doing things we do. So the same would happen if men did female things. If we are gay doing female stuff, then the reverse is true also. Just because one says no it doesn't, doesn't make it so.
I think that people that look at this weird or gay it is because they don't want men to enjoy what they do. And for men that think the same, go ahead and keep yourself to the small world you live in "boring", but leave me alone to enjoy the rest of the world, and things to do.
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