Why do monkeys fling poo at you when they get mad?

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Many animals defaecate when they are frightened as losing a little weight is an aid to running away faster.

Our cousin the monkey is probably up in a tree and is not in immediate danger so the faeces becomes a readily available weapon with which to annoy the threat.

Throwing dung is also seen in Homo Sapiens. If you've ever watched an episode of Lock-up or Lock-down which documents life in American prisons, It is not uncommon for inmates to hurl their dung at staff or each other. Often fecal matter is stored and mixed with urine then left to fester into a noxious brew and used on a victim at an opportune moment.

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Why do monkeys fling faeces?

They fling poo in order to mark their territory, like dogs pee on trees. to mark territory. NO NO NO the upper answer is wrong they're in an argument so they fight with c

What is poo mad out of?

Poo is made out of fibre and vitamin C and waste food products from the body.. In other words, brown stuff that comes out of your bottom hole.
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Why do monkeys fling poo-?

Monkeys throw feces when they feel upset or in danger. It is adefense mechanism.