Why do most immigrants take Canadian citizenship?

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Most immigrants want to play a full part in the life of their new country. Citizenship gives them rights and protections.
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How can a Canadian apply for Mexican citizenship?

Answer . By making an official application at a Mexican Consulate in Canada.. Answer . I know of no foreign born non-Latino that has acquired Mexican citizenship.. Answer . Maybe this person meant to say "resident status"? Not citizenship.. Answer . I am a Mexican citizen with a "gree (MORE)

Can a Canadian citizen living in the US with their US citizen spouse apply for Canadian immigration for their spouse and does the spouse have to give up their US citizenship?

Yes s/he can sponser a spouse. For the method please refer to: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/fc.asp. As far as giving up citizenship: it is not required that the spouse give up citizenship. The US basically considers the spouse a US citizen and if they have citizenship in an (MORE)

How does an illegal immigrant gain citizenship?

A foreign national who is unlawfully present within the U.S. is not eligible for permanent resident or citizenship status. The person must leave the U.S. voluntarily or be subject to deportation under U.S. immigration laws. Any foreign national who has been unlawfully present within the U.S. for 12 (MORE)

How do you get Canadian citizenship if you are an American?

Canadian Citizenship . An American citizen wishing to become instead, a citizen of our northerly neighbor need simply meet the criteria for anyone else seeking Canadian citizenship. To wit: He/She must be: . aged 18 or over. a Canadian permanent resident]. have lived in Canada for a total o (MORE)

Can a Canadian citizen hold dual Canadian American citizenship?

"yes, but only if you have a parent that was born in America andone born in Canada" This is not precisely, or necessarily true. It is possible for a Canadian to become a dual citizen if neitherparent was born in the United States, but it depends on when theywere born and where their parents were b (MORE)

Does marrying a Canadian citizen grant you citizenship?

Marrying a Canadian citizenship does not automatically make you a Canadian citizen. You would still have to go through the entire process that an unmarried "Alien" would have to go through. That is, apply and obtain Permanent Residency (PR) and then go through the Citizenship Application.. Ref: htt (MORE)

Can Canadian citizen get US Citizenship?

yes u can get a US citizenship... If u r working on a TN visa, you can't apply.Other visas like H-1B only allows dual intend.At the outset you will need to have physical presence in the US for minimum 5 years.Form N-400 will be the form you would need to apply with for US citizenship. A Green (MORE)

How have immigrants influenced Canadian culture?

There is no such thing as a "Canadian" culture anymore than thereis a single Global Culture. Canada is a Confederation of many Nations, each with many peoplesand cultures. Some of those cultures date back thousands of years, some hundredsand most just a few decades. Most Canadians have very shall (MORE)

Which Passport for a Canadian with new US citizenship?

The visa-free travel is almost the same for both of them. Traveling to the Middle East; use the Canadian one because nowadays the US has many enemies. Both Canada and the US require their citizens to enter and depart the country on their own passport. So, carry them both with you always.

What does a legal immigrant that is married to a citizen do to get citizenship?

Consult an immigration attorney before the marriage! There are certain forms and procedures that have to be followed in order for the citizenship to be granted. The first step is to get a green card. Citizenship requires a number of years of residency, filing the applications and passing a test. The (MORE)

Can you get Canadian citizenship through marriage?

Yes, you can get Canadian citizenship through marriage. However, easier said than done. It is not automatic. Marriage will allow the non-Canadian spouse to obtain permanent residency. After 3 years of basic residence/and or physical presence in Canada can apply for citizenship. Everyone needs to sat (MORE)

Why did the Canadian immigrants leave Canada?

An immigrant's experience in Canada: The Canadian government solicits potential immigrants and dupesthem into bringing their skills and money to Canada. It advertisesthe country to people from other countries, mainly for their money;each prospective economic immigrant has to bring with them minimum (MORE)

Does the immigration service has right to revoke your citizenship?

Yes. In the following cases:. 1. Convicted For An Act Of Treason Against The United States 2. Holding A Policy Level Position In A Foreign Country 3. Serving In Your Native Country's Armed Forces If That Country Is Engaged In Hostilities Or At War With The United States 4. Serving In Your (MORE)

Can a person have both US and Canadian citizenship?

Yes, it's quite common. People born in the USA can add Canadian citizenship. Being born in Canada to US parents gives you dual citizenship automatically. It's a bit more complicated when you want to add US citizenship, but not impossible.

How does immigration affect Canadian identity?

It affects an immigrants perspective on life. --------------------- There is no "Canadian Identity". Canada is a Confederation of many Nations with many cultures. Immigration enriches the Canadian Confederation by adding to those many cultures.

Why did Canadians immigrate?

Canadians have a population of 33,212,696. Canada's national anthem is O Canada.Canada's birthday is July first.Canada's country's animal is the beaver.most canadians live in the southern part of Canada.the moto is from sea to sea.Canada is a very very ricch country.in Canada people mostly speak fre (MORE)

What are facts about Canadian citizenship?

you should know the oath and u can bring your holy book to swear the oath on it and you must know the rights and responsibilities of citizen and you must take the citizenship test

Can you get a Canadian citizenship if you marry a Canadian?

You must first apply for Canadian permanent residency. After you have been living in Canada for 3 years out of 4 as a permanent resident, you can apply for citizenship. You can find out more information about the Family Class Sponsorship Program. See: Related Links

Can irish get Canadian citizenship?

yep :) my mom is a canadian citizen. She went to college in Canada and lived there for a few years and became a Canadian citizen. Hope I helped.

Why do immigrants have to take a citizenship test?

If you wanna be a citizen in Canada, dude, you gotta tke the test.Get or not. But you gotta be 18 or older,Kid, if you are smaller than 18 your already a citizen.You gotta live in Canada for 3 or more years.

How long do it take for a immigration to become a Us citizenship?

Without serving in the military, it takes five years, not counting the application process. If you marry a US citizen, it drops to three years. You can also volunteer to serve in the US military in order to get citizenship. This is all assuming that you do not acquire US citizenship through another (MORE)

What is involved in getting a Canadian Citizenship?

When applying for a Canadian Citizenship, one must first fill out the application form, and provide personal information, such as age, permanent resident status, time lived in Canada, language abilities, criminal history and knowledge of Canada.

Where can one go to take the Canadian citizenship test?

The Canadian citizenship test is handled by the Citizen and Immigration Canada. It is either a written or an oral test. The written version contains 20 question, the oral version is for those who either fail the written version or haven't mastered the English or French language and is taken by a cit (MORE)

What does a Canadian immigration attorney do?

Canadian Immigration Attorneys help foreign citizens obtain entry to Canada on a temporary or permanent basis. Some of the services offered are student visas, visitor visas, family sponsorship, and grants of citizenship.