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Why do my pink braces turn orange?

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Pink braces turn orange because your oral hygiene is not good. Wearing braces makes keeping your mouth and teeth clean very challenging. But it is not impossible to accomplish.

First, spent lots of time with your toothbrush, just your toothbrush, no toothpaste. Run the toothbrush over and over the braces for several minutes. Use a stopwatch if you have to. Most people can't tell how long they have brushed without a clock. You can't brush too much when you wear braces. Toothpaste is primarily a mouth freshener. The scrubbing action of the toothbrush is what cleans.

Second, get an oral irrigator (Water Pik) and learn how to use it properly.

Third, ask your orthodontist's staff what else you can do to keep your braces clean. They will show you.
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