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Why do newborn babies always cry?

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Newborn babies can't communicate by talking so they communicate by crying. If a newborn baby is crying they are likely telling you that they are either: hungry, tired, gassy, cold or hot.
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If you punch a newborn baby will it cry?

Of course it will cry - if you got punched you'd probably cry too wouldn't you ?   If you punch a newborn baby, you are a child abuser and can be arrested.

What happens when a newborn baby doesn't cry?

If a new born baby doesn't cry it means that he/she loves you already and there is no need to bond with it at all. You have done a good job talking to it the whole way though

Why does a newborn baby cry as soon as it is out of the womb?

new born baby's cry from the shock of being man handled literally, their used to being tucked away in mama's womb feeling secure in the fetal position, so when the baby comes

How to get a newborn baby girl to cry?

If you give her a shot of vitamin k she will cry or take off her hat that will also make her cry if you pinch her she will also cry and then you can hold her up and make her s

How do you get newborn baby girl to cry?

She will cry if she is hungy she will also cry if she is sleeply she will also cry if she is scared she will also cry if she is pinched and if she need to be changed and burpe