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Why do people celebrate Christmas in France?

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Because the majority of French people are Christian.
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Did new France celebrate Christmas?

yes, new France did celebrate Christmas. they had a mass on Christmas eve that was very religious. filled with with liturgical dramas or mysteries and Christmas carols. even t

How does France celebrate Christmas?

France celebrates Christmas by open there presents on Christmas eve, which is quite unusual, because traditionally we would open the presents on Christmas day, which is the 25

How do Japanese people celebrate Christmas?

 Japanese people gather with their friends and family. They go to hotel,restaurants and/or friends house in orderto have party. They drink and eat western food and karaoke

Why do Thai people celebrate Christmas?

Buddhists make up 90% of the population of Thailand. They embrace the spirit of joy, compassion and peace. Also, Christmas has ancient roots in the winter solstice and many tr

How is Christmas celebrated in France?

It is celebrated the same as in most christian countries, with good food, decorations and presents. French children put their shoes in front of the fireplace on Christmas e