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  • Most people dislike Mondays because they enjoy their weekends and Monday mornings at work or school generally means back to the old grind and if working it's 'catch up time' with a heavy workload.
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Why do people hate other people?

People hate other people because the person they hate is either not very nice to them, or they have a bad history. People should get over their hatred and stop being mad at everyone all the time. People should just get along, because life is short. Why waste time being angry, upset, or hostile to other people. Enjoy your life while you can because you only get one of them. ------- Hatred is intrinsic to the human animal. It's in our nature to become extreme, and to try to curtail it is to suppress it . We live in a world now, where buzzwords and mantras and breath prayers and cliches and Drew Pinsky and gender studies courses, are being installed like fail safes in people from their first day of kindergarten, e.g. the "bad touch" rundown. In short, postmodernists show us everything wrong with the world, then tell us to be mature in our responses to it...but, ultimately, people are people, it doesn't matter from whence they sprang or what positions they hold. The Primal is the Real; whether it's a behavior for polite company, or righteous in any way, whether "good" people should hate, begs the question, really. All creatures respond "emotionally", on some base level, including and especially Man. If you scratch the surface on the thin facade of fun in others, some of the most mature, polite human beings boomerang into maniacs (the old Tom Green Show on MTV, proved that mind-numbing immaturity alone, can bring out the beast in almost all). And, beyond initial, knee jerk anger, there are lies, grudges and bitterness and a deep well of hate. Where did it come from? The answer varies, but it's too easy to say, "from within the hating individual". Another modern fallacy states that others "do not make us" do anything, but the behaviorism of Skinner easily disproves this, and even est bottoms out with each of us as machines, responding to sensory data. Thus, one hates because he wasn't loved and another hates because she was abused, and another hates because the world is frightening and another, because someone was rude. Hate, the dark of the jungle (or sin, for the faith-based), is stardeep within us, a part--an unwelcome part, granted--of The Human Condition. As far as social interactions, i.e. how we "should" act with respect to the differences we encounter, is not relevant to the question. The question is, "Why do people hate other people?" The answer is, "Because there are other people...and, They are, by definition, not Us."

Why do people hate?

The reason most people hate is because they are jealous that you have something better than they do. So instead of working towards getting what you have they hate against you. Then they're are people who were raised to hate people. Sometimes some people hate others for no reason but just the fun of it. Clarification: Hate is a chemical response in your brain usually due to a) Someone you trust does not meet your expectations (As in the saying: "There's a thin line between love and hate") b) Someone hurt you or/and someone/something you care very much about The line that defines hate is very hard to determine but the usual guideline is that if a person can go without facing the object of his/her aggressive feelings for over a year and still have the same feelings towards it/him/her when reaquainted it can be considered hate.

Why do people hate poor people?

Some think they have no worth or purpose in society because they have little or no means to get by, and others believe because of their status in poverty, they will only be detrimental to others by resorting to crime and dishonesty. For the same reason people hate wealthy people; some think they have no real worth or purpose in society because they (insert class bias of your own choosing), and others believe because of their elite status in society they will only be detrimental to others by (insert random stereotypes). One word to sum it all up; bigotry.

What to do if people hate you?

I'm living through it too but like theres like 3 but like another girl who is nice to me was being mean just now. and im not a dork or anything but like the truth is who cares? don't listen to them don't change who you are. i tried to impress them but they don't stop. they shouldn't judge you if ur not them. and if they talk about you, then just ingore it. it might hurt but you gotta ingore them. its not like they are gonna be in your life forever. and if its everyone then.. well change schools or ingore them if its a job. and if u cant.. then tell try to change the nice peoples mind.. i find myself constantley getting into drama. i had a hard childhood my mother mentally and physically abused me. over the years the anger had built up. now whenever something comes up it feels like I'm drawn to it; which in the long run just makes my life a lot harder. sometimes i feel like everyone hates me even when that's not true. i feel like i just want to switch school so i never have to see them again or deal with it. but my dad says running away from your problems isn't going to fix them or make you any better of a person. i have a lot of good friends but in the same token I've lost friends to drama too. and i know people say that they obviously weren't that good of friends if they didn't get over it and forgive but friendships mean a lot and losing one feels just as bad as losing a family member. i feel like crap and i don't know what to do.

Why do people hate me?

People probably hate you have unpleasant characteristic trait. For example you might be rude, selfish, unpleasant to look at, loud, or pushy. I know how this feels, and let me tell you this now, they probablydon't. It just seems that way. It's super easy to annoy people,especially if you are talkative and you enjoy singing quietly inpublic. You are NOT hated by everyone! Persevere! You do havefriends out there who care!

Why do you hate people?

Ours is a difficult species, capable of both very good and very bad behavior, sanity and insantiy, kindness and cruelty, honesty and dishonesty, generosity and selfishness. Sometimes people give you good reason to hate them. ^^^^^^Whoever answered this doesn't use proper grammar, and talks too much in answers just to sound smart. We hate people because you are dumb, and you touch yourself at night.-- ;D

Why do people hate you?

if you even have to put this down it is probably because you are a mean snotty person and i am being nice or because you are a smart person who thinks they know it all but if you do know it all why are you even on this site huh?....

Why do people hate gay people?

Although many people have no issues with gay or bisexual people,this is not always the case. People hate or dislike gays, lesbians, and bisexuals and/or gaynessfor a variety of reasons; some of these may be: . They are uncomfortable with or afraid of people who aredifferent than them, whether they are gay, straight orbisexual. . They are gay themselves and trying to disguise their sexualityby being loudly anti-homosexual. . They are trying to affirm their (hetero)sexuality to thosearound them. . They believe that their religion prohibits homosexuality and/orthat it is wrong for moral reasons. Often those with prejudices got them from their parents or haveabsorbed them from their local environment (culture, neighborhood,circle of friends). Some of these just don't know any better. Wemust also make a distinction between a dislike of gayness and adislike of gay people. You can hate cigarettes and tobacco use, forinstance, without hating people who smoke, and thus the sameprinciple applies here Quite lieterally, the distrust of anyone or anything that isdifferent is normal animal behavior. People refer to it as strangerdanger, and as such it becomes quite acceptable. It is when thatdifference is identified that it becomes "wrong" or "right." Thebig problem here is that "wrong" and "right" are measurements froma moral ruler, and no two moral rulers are exactly the same. While it is perfectly acceptable and justifiable to determin that acourse of behavior is not acceptable for the individual asdetermined by that individual (homosexuality and homophobia in thisinstance), any outward expression or pressing of that determinationonto others is not acceptable.

Why do people hate disgusting people?

Not all people consider the same things as being disgusting to everybody else and different things disgust different people but disgust and hate do not neccesarily go hand in hand as they are not the same thing at all as disgust can be something as simple as picking your nose in public but you wouldn't be hated for it.

Why did people hate black people?

People still do. They hate darker skinned people because they hate people so different. That's jsut the way hw is it. People hate differences, especially beneficial differences. When blacks were brought over to the U.S they were very strong, could work for long hours, were immune to most of the sicknesses prevalent in Europe and were therefore hated. They were also seen as "less human" by some, but it may simply be that some thought they were a threat.

Why do people hate on people?

Well, one of the main reasons that I hate people is because they act like they are so much better than the rest of the world. There are few people that should actually act like this. Let's start with Tim Tebow, he is drop dead sexy, and has the skills of a goddess, I could go on as the list includes, Walt Disney Jr., Miley Cyrus, Bob Saget, and Adam Sandler. For the most part however, people just get plain annoying. You see it all started back when that snake told Eve to eat that apple. The bottom line is people lie, cheat, and sing. Learn to love yourself, and forget about annoying people. Tebow bless.

Why are people hateful?

ANSWER: I don't think all people are hateful. Maybe some because of their unfortunate life and feelings. If you are talking about feelings, some do because they feel betrayed by the people they love. Life is hard and we can't never realize if it will be us who will be next when it comes to getting hurt.

Why do people hate white people?

Anyone who looks down on or treats a group of people badly do so to gain a feeling of superiority. Most bigoted people either have self esteem problems or can't think for themselves, maybe both. Historically, Caucasians have been known to mistreat members of darker races. However, people of all ethnic groups are equally capable of hate and discrimination. So it is so easy for members of targeted groups to hate the people they consider their oppressors. That doesn't make it right, and we all need to work on it, but it is a natural human emotion.

Why do people hate ghetto people?

Well, People have different opinions but i hate people because i think they're really ignorant. first of all, they behave really inmature. they're really loud, and they fight over every single thing. i seriously can't stand them.

How do you hate people?

it's an emotion you hate them or you dont you cant choose that the enotion come by itself

Why do people do what they hate to do?

if you know it's wrong and you do it anyways but deep down inside your just doing it to just do it as a job everyday then hell yeah you''ll hate it. you shouldn't like it.

Why do people hate emo people?

Some people can be cautious of emos and goths because of the bad press they get. I don't think they honestly hate emos, they're just a bit scared. With all the dark make-up, peircings, wrsit splitting and the whole emotionally unstable thing can be rather unnnerving for some of us. Then you just get the idiots who haven't got anything better to do and just need someone to annoy (to be honest they probably pick emos cause they're different) i would know about all this because i am an emo they just think were crazy because were different and they dont know what we have been through it has nothing to style , cutting , or where you come from its all in the personality. and some people HATE what ever they cant understand! Personally I think that the people who pick on emos are the ones with the emotional problems, because they have to pick on some one to make themselves feel better. Also it's because people are just so prejudice they look at people and they think that they can tell what they're like inside. BUT THEY CANT!!! Just because people dress different doesnt mean that they are freaks. Emo people are some of the nicest people I know, and i wish other people could see that too. Addition: Honestly, it's the whining. Everyone else has feelings, but we don't go around showing them and we expect the same courtesy in return. So yeah, people who let their unhappiness influence their actions are looked down upon - they're acting up publicly in a way that just isn't socially acceptable to the vast majority of people. I've got nothing against them, but they've just got no business waving their emotions around in everyone's face. I'm not going to sugarcoat the world for them, just because they pretend to be too fragile to handle it. I don't buy the act

What do you do if people hate you and spread rumors or get other people to hate you?

If it were me (and this is just me) i would either laugh it off or make a joke . Dont let people like that get to you!!!!! . I know how annoying it is to have rumors spread about you, I've had it happen to me. What I did, was ignore all of the people who mentioned it. Show people that you are not a horrid person by talking to them, and showing them the good side of you. If it gets too serious, then report it to an adult, and they'll be very sorry! Don't tell an adult unless they are making up something personal or rude about you. Try not to freak out, this will make the rumors seem even more true to some others.

What do people hate about other people?

Answer 1 I don't think it's hate. more like jealousy. It could be racist. It could be because they are different. Or flat out because the are mean or evil. I am not sure since you didn't give much detail. Answer 2 Typically people hate what they see in others that directly reflects on their own personal flaws or things that represent a perspective antagonistic to the beliefs and ideals that they cherish. Answer 3 Generally, things that people hate in others includes things like bossiness, nosiness, controlling nature, weakness, dishonesty, fakeness, lying, lack of loyalty, stealing, what they consider immorality, substance abuse, lack of loyalty, and violence.

Why do people who do not hate Jews hate Israel?

Answer 1 They're afraid of Israel because they fear another terrorist attack from another country. Answer 2 Israel has engaged in a number of policies in violation of international law. Israel is not reticent for performing such acts and claims that it violates those laws because they are prejudicial to its rights and interests. If other countries did the same, (Iran is a great example), they are sternly reprimanded by the international community and forced to toe the line. As concerns Jews that hate Israel, there are various theological reasons to be Anti-Zionist which stem from the "Purpose of the Jew in the World" and the "Nature of the Exile". Please also see the Related Question below, but obviously excise the Anti-Semitic Answers.

Do people hate other people?

Yes people do hate other people..Even though this is wrong. In myh school it seems like a lot of people dislike me just because of two mean girls who make up stuff. People might hate you but maybe it's because you are prettier than them. Or because thaycan't stand that you are better than them.

If you Hate People Are you Emo?

No, just because you hate people, does not mean your emo, it just means your not really a people kind of person. The answer to your question would be no, not all people that hate other mean they are emo and emo is not about hating people, so you can't call yourself an emo just by hating people. I would probably say you are a people-hater not an emo.

Why do people hate fat people?

Because they are a social disgrace for not taking care of their bodies Answer: People do not generally hate "fat" people. Prejudice against any group an occur based on ethnicity, national origin, appearance, religion or other criteria can occur. Even "beautiful" people, ambitius or well educated people (these are often seen as positive attributes) complain that they are cut out of job interviews because they might not be willing to be long term employees.

Why do people hate people that steal?

Because stealing is mean! Probably because it is forbidden in the commandments so people havea sort of taboo against it. Because it's horrible to steal. Someone robbed my friends house andthey took all her dvds and one of them was a homemade dvd with theonly memory she had of her birth mum (she's adopted). Also, heradoptive parents are blind and their blind dog was killed. stealingis REALLY unjust and horrid. What if someone stole YOUR phone or something? how would YOU feel?

Why do people hate Russian people?

First of all it's spelt Russian not Russion and secondly not everyone hates Russian people although their is a lot of stereotyping about Russian people in modern day society. To clarify; America hates Russia. Now you are talking politics. Capitalism vs Communism. As for which one is better; it is something you have to read about....for they both don't work equally great for the average person. Also, America can not walk into Russia as they did Iraq. In Russia, the U.S. knows they have WMD's equal to what the US has. That will mean the end of the planet for us. But Russian people are just people same as your neighbor. They just live day to day.

Why do people hate Monday?

because it happens to be the first day of the week and after a relaxing weekend you aren't used to getting up for work anymore

Why are people hated?

People are hated for many reasons, maybe they aren't nice, or annoying, or maybe people are just jealous of them.

Should people hate people?

No they shouldn't. If we all hated each other, then we wouldn't get a long and do what's right. You shouldn't hate them, you can hate the way they act though.

Why do people hate bad people?

well, because they are a bad person. not saying i hate bad peopleor anything but bad people are stupid in there own way... everyoneis. i think that bad people just made wrong choices, but eveyonedoes; we're just human.

How do you get people not to hate you?

ask them why they hate you if its just cause your mean you should just start acting nice if its something else then there's nothing to do that i know of

Why do people celebrate Easter Monday?

\n. \n. I wondered if it could be because of the confusion over which day is the first day of the week. \n. \n. In the bible it says Jesus came back to life on the first day of the week. At the time this was Sunday. Therefore Easter Sunday. However from the 4th Century onwards the first day of the week changed to Monday. \n. \n. Perhaps the dark ages church decided we should celebrate both the Sunday and the Monday to make sure we marked the day of the resurrection, whichever day that actually was.

Why do people hate rich people?

Because most of the time, rich people are so stuck up. EDIT: It's a common stereotype - something which has become quite common so people assume every other person who is rich WILL be like that. That isn't true but lots of "rich" people, are stuck up and show off a little too much for others likings, too full of themselves.

Why do people hate people for no reason?

There is always a reason why someone chooses to hate. 1. They hate they don't understand. 2. They believe the stereotypes. 3. They may have encountered or have had a bad experience with the person. 4. Personal grudges. 5. They may have been taught from childhood to hate. 6. People might follow a prejudice ideology.

Why do spanish people start their week on Monday?

Folklore: Spain is a very christian country. Sunday is the day of rest as described in the Book of Genesis in the Christian Holy Bible. Therefore Sunday is the 7th day of the week, not the first.

Why People hate you when you like someone they hate?

Ah I know what you mean and the reason is because that person feels so much hate against that person...the person hating feels that you should hate and feel the same they do for whatever reason and sometimes they just try to look out for you to prevent whatever happend to.them.to happen to.you

What actors and actresses appeared in Man I Hate Mondays - 2010?

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