Why do people have kids but leave them behind and dont take care of them?

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Because people have sex without thinking of the consequences of impregnating or getting pregnant. I think single woman have to be more responsible and more careful when it comes to having sex. Everything that happen after that moment lie in their hands. They have the power to change lives. However if two people in a committed relationship decide or accidentally bare a child, the party who later on leaves the child behind and not take care of them is simply a coward and selfish being. That's my opinion anyway.
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My husband threatens to take my kids if I leave?

Answer . Go toa women's shelter with your kids, they are anonymous. He can't find you guys, but turn your cell phone off. Tell the school not to give your information out, just let your family know! Thanks, I've been there. Get out now!!!

How can people take care of trees?

try setting up green houses, or work at a tree farm, or even build your own tree farm. find out how you can make them live longer, and grow stronger.

Who take care of elderly people?

There are a number of different kinds of people who care for the elderly. Most commonly, they are known as "caregivers". These may be professionals or they may be relatives caring for an older person. There are also assisted living and senior housing centers that provide care for a person if they ar (MORE)

What if you dont take care of jaundice?

You must take care of jaundice. if u r from India u should visit in Maharaststra state, Dist Nanded, Tq Udgir, near called small village SHIVANKHAD. need more further send me maill i will tell u all. e-mail ID-praklax@yahoo.com

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Because there are many lives lost on that ship, the captain and the lives that were lost out there they would want the ship to stay in the water and rest in peace. That is 99% INCORRECT. A group of scientists already found the Titanic. If they took the Titanic out of the water, it would disintegrat (MORE)

How do Samoan people take care of their kids?

Like everyone else, with love, respect and understanding, teaching them first about God and the love and respect that should be accorded Him, then love and respect for parents, siblings and the whole family (aiga), about the values and ethical morals of a Samoan towards not just the family and Samoa (MORE)

How do teens take care of there kids?

At age 15, kids who had been in higher-quality care scored higher on tests of cognitive and academic achievement than peers in lower-quality care, the study found. The gain was comparable to what had been observed earlier among kindergarten-bound 4-1/2-year-olds in high-quality care. "That small gai (MORE)

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How kids can take care of cats?

well kids. are little. but cats can help kids. it helps them. in making them feel relax. and lower blood pressure. well any pet could do that. but kids might also interact with cats :D

When leaving foster care are the kids allowed to have their case files?

Children are not allowed to have their case files from foster care. They can never have the original files. Whether or not they can have copies and what information they may have when they become adults depends on local laws. If I hear from another child that a particular child is being abused, and (MORE)

How come people would care if I committed suicide but they dont care about me now?

You need to call 911 immediately or 1-800- SUICIDE / 1-800-784-2433 or your local SAMARITANs I cannot give you the answers as to why people do or do not care for you, however you are in a crisis needing immediate help. Please call and talk to someone who can provide you with some relief from wha (MORE)

Who else has depression since a kid Do anyone of you care about getting better. Are you surrounded by people who dont dont support you. Have you given up. Therapy and meds dont work?

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How do you take care of 6 kids?

Well, you'll have to buy 6x more food, + you and your husband. You might not want to have 6 kids unless you and your family are rich. If, its too late, then you'll have to get more than two jobs and learn to manage your money good. It's a lot of hard work and responsibility go into having 6 kids.

How do people take care of their hair?

They wash there hair,1 time each week. They use good natural shampoo, They sometimes use avocado,honey or tea to wash their hair,to make it shine and soft!

What did the Mochica people leave behind?

The Mochica left many artifacts behind. Including art, ceramic vessels, woven textiles, murals, and amazing objects of copper, silver, and gold. They may have also left behind ruins.

Who takes care of the kids in England?

The parents do, just like they would in the US or most other countries. However, sometimes when a parent has to work, a close friend, relative, or nanny may watch over the children!

Who takes care of people with Alzheimer's?

In the earlier stages, Alzheimer's patients are usually cared forin their homes by their families. When the disease progresses, thefamily may choose to seek the services that send nurses or otherhealth care workers to the home to assist in the care, or theperson may go to a nursing or other live-in (MORE)

Do the parents of the koala leave them or take care of them?

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How do lions take care of their kids?

Lions are dedicated parents. Female lions hunt and provide food for the cubs. The male lions protect the cubs from danger. The whole pride shares the responsibility of protecting and taking care of the cubs. However, when a male lion ousts the pride leader and takes over the pride, it is known to (MORE)

How do you take care of kids teeth?

Teach them proper brushing techniques and make them use kidfriendly toothpaste and mouthwash. Not to forget regular dentalcheck-ups with a pediatric dentist. For more tips and assistance,consult a qualified pediatric dentist. Visit stldentistforkids.com

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What did people have to leave behind when going to World War I and 2?

The men who enlisted in the army in World War 1 and 2 were very young men. The new recruits were most often 18 and 19 year old boys essentially. So most of the time they were leaving behind a family, mother, father, siblings, maybe even a girlfriend, but the majority of the time there was not much v (MORE)

How can you leave your husband and take your kids?

Your question, while simple on the surface, is complicated. Do you have a place to go and a source of income when you get there? Are you in an abusive relationship or are things just not working out? You can't just take your children away, never allowing your husband to see them again...not without (MORE)

What did the prehistoric people of wales leave behind?

A great many tombs & stone alignments. AS to what one means by the prehistoric folk of Wales, one must specify the period, for modern Wales has not the same borders as any of the various prehistoric & historic cultures in that region.

How do you take care elderly people?

A successful caregiver is one who truly has the heart and willingness to help those in need. They do not provide care in search of recognition or money. A true caregiver provides care because they feel the need to help those less fortunate to make their days a bit brighter and manageable. The b (MORE)