Why do people in India wear the clothes they wear?

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Because their religion requires them to.
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What clothes do india people wear?

People in India wear modern clothes most of the time, just like you see in America and the like. However traditional clothes that are worn in India are Sari, Lehanga Choli,

What kind of clothing did India wear?

In India, traditional clothing for women consists of Salwar Kameez, Salwar & Kurta, Sarees, etc. For men, its Kurta pajama and Kurta Dhoti.

What kind of clothing do they wear in India?

Well..India is a culture rich country. Men and women have their own set of dress code which include kurta & pajama, kurta & dhoti for men and sarees, Indian churidars, salwar

What type of clothing do they wear in India?

well being from India i geuss we wear a lot of thongs and skinny jeans, but we like to mix it up. throw some bright colors in and a cute hat maybe even some sunna shades. we l

What type of clothes do they wear in India?

Indian fashion Kurtis and Tunics are all the way comfortable yet elegant and easy to wear.Designer kurtis are the latest trend in Indian fashion, Some are embellished with gor

Why do British people wear the clothes they wear?

From the lighter side: It's because they are fickle! But seriously, folks: Sometimes, practicality is over-ridden by flair, whimsy, or political statement. As many peop