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Why do people in India wear the clothes they wear?

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Because their religion requires them to.
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Why do people wear clothes?

People wear clothes for many different reasons. To cover up their private parts (such as under garments, loin cloths, and so on). To show who they, such as with fancy or expe

Why do people wear fur clothing?

People wear fur clothing because they think it is more fashionable then fake fur and they usually don't care about animals. People wear fur in cold climates because synthetics

What kind of clothing do they wear in India?

Well..India is a culture rich country. Men and women have their own set of dress code which include kurta & pajama, kurta & dhoti for men and sarees, Indian churidars, salwar

What kind of clothes do people wear in India?

well they actually wear t-shirts but the have diffrent kind of materials. but in spical events they were chunder taris an spieal kind of dresses.

What type of clothes do they wear in India?

 Indian fashion Kurtis and Tunics are all the way comfortable yet elegant and easy to wear.Designer kurtis are the latest trend in Indian fashion, Some are embellished with

Why people wear black clothing?

to look thinner Black is a professional colour that doesn't usually stand out. Think about it, if someone was wearing a bright purple and green suit, would you (for example)