Why do people insist on growing weeds?

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Naivety, ignorance or contempt. People think a plant is "Pretty" so they buy it and plant it in their garden. They haven't realised that the nursery is actively encouraging the destruction of their local bushland. Exotic nurseries sell plants under the guise of "drought tolerant" or "easy maintenance". Generally speaking this really means will be spread by seed and outcompete your local bushland. These nurseries also sell "Natives". But don't be fooled. For starters Native means from your country. It does not mean from your area in the country. And a plant that is endemic to your area but growing a long way away is not provenant to your area, it probly has a different genetic makeup to the provenant ones even though it may be the same species. A better way to describe local plants is Indigenous, endemic or provenant, although this termininology itself is by no means perfect. In most nurseries "Native" means Hybridised and genetically modified/manipulated cultivars. The Provenant plants are purposefull ie. they play an important role in your local ecosystem. If/When these Mutant natives that the nurseries have grown breed with the Provenant ones they are destroying the local gene pool. And can not be killed by bush regenerators because they can not be identified as weeds. A good example of that is with Grevillias. Exotic plant nurseries also encourage people to grow Natives that are not endemic to the area, So plants like Acacia saligna from the west coast of Australia are now terrible weeds in Eastern Australia. These are also very hard to I'D from Provenant endemic indigenious natives. They might only be a different species of a genus or even just a different subspecies, with very little difference in its identifiable features. Also the government makes it expensive to get Indigenous seed collecting licences, for reasonable reasons.
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How can you grow weed?

Cannabis is a herb and like all herbs it prefers good fertile soil, warm weather, plenty of sunlight and frequent watering.

Why do weeds grow?

the grow because of the acid and juice in them. the acid proxide helps the weeds sometimes dislove and grow.

Why do people do weed?

Because it feels good to them and it makes them HIGH! If you see someone HIGH, then its really funny cause they Laugh at everything!. And 'cause their crack heads who have no life, they just smoke 'till their broke.

Do they grow weed on the Cook Islands?

Not really. They get it in from New Zealand and it's not bad (I'm form BC and it's not bad by my standards). It is however very expensive. I was there for months and it's not just tourist prices, it's just expensive. French Polynesia on the other hand is cheap cheap cheap. Good weed and almost free. (MORE)

How do you grow weed outside?

This isn't the place to ask questions like this please remove it, If you must know then pm me and I will refer you to a better site.

How do you grow weeds?

Start with neglect and then taper off from there until you get just the weeds you want.

What is the first step to growing weed?

get the seeds to hatch. take 6 paper towels and moist them.... not soak because you can over water them. stack 3 then place your seeds on them 1" apart then stack the other 3 towels over then and put then in a warm dry place ( atleast 70 ) and check them daily when the hatch to about 1" plant them (MORE)

Fine for growing weed?

it all depends on where you live.... like in a few places in cali you can have up to 99 plants and be fine but other state if you have 1 your going to jail

Best way to grow weed?

plant the seeds in your moms vagina, then tell her not to shave for two months and pick the buds out of her pubic hair

What is the best way to grow weed?

Well if out doors, I heard morning sunlight till half way through the day does it wonders. Good compost with cow dung and all the good stuff. Don't know whats available for food for the plant where you are, but I know of something called Budzillar which really helps the plant grow and yeah general w (MORE)

How do weeds grow?

With water, soil, and light. Just like any plant. Under a UV light, watered and warmth make for a good harvest (:

Can weeds grow on rocks?

Yes , weeds can grow on rocks. Weeds may be defined as those plants whose benefit to humans is forgotten or unknown. They tend to be recognized by their ability to grow well where cultivated and ornamental plants may do poorly. But in the specific case of rocks, there are native and 'alpine' plants (MORE)

Does weed make your hair grow?

yes the thc in weed actually can cause some peoples hair to grow a lot faster then without the the but side affects from weed are different for everyone

How do you make weed grow faster?

What the hell wrong with u take yo azz to school and get a education dont do this to the future you dum azz. So get off the computer and get a god dam job bye........... you know whats funny? the person telling you to go to school and get a job is the same one who cant spell half of what theyre tryi (MORE)

How do you grow weed in the cold?

My friend, if you are wanting to grow weed with precision. I suggest that you DON'T grow your weed in the cold, unless you are just finishing a plant going into the cold season. I mean it is possible, but you would have to spend all your time making sure they're not to cold, making sure the water yo (MORE)

How do you grow weed plants?

You don't have to; they'll grow by themselves. Weeds have the uncanny ability of spreading and surviving, unless of course, a human comes and unearths the pest.

What is the steps to growing weed?

1) Germination: Place the seeds on a damp towel or in some compost. They will sprout in 24hrs to a week. 2) Place the seeds under a blue toned fluorescent light or on a window ledge. 3) Once they have gotten their second set of "proper" leaves place them under a high intensity discharge light, (MORE)

How you grow weed?

This is one of those things that if you need to ask how you shouldn't. You are certain to get yourself in trouble. Marijuana is a plant and it grows much like any other plant. NEW ANSWER: Get some plant pots, some soil, some nutrients, a 400watt hps light, a space to grow indoors, maybe some refle (MORE)

Can you grow weed in a pond?

..no weed is not a lilly pad it needs a proper root system in a dry environment why do you think it grows so freely outside in the middle east, because its a dry warm environment, not a body of water.

Why do people insist rowing is a sport?

Because they havn't tried it... If they did they would realize just how hard it is. You could raise the same question about many so-called sports, including swimming.

Why do people insist on spamming WikiAnswers?

It's the same reason people write computer viruses or do drugs: either because they are bored or to impress their friends (especially if they are young). When I am bored I read. When they are bored, they spam. More Info... Answers.com is a very popular website, ranking high in Google SERPs (se (MORE)

Where is it legal to grow weed?

In a few countys in California it is legal to grow "weed"..... I don't remember the exact towns but you can have a large amount for persomal use something like 99 plants per acre you own.....something like that

Can a weed grow from a nut?

Yes, a weed can grow from a nut. A weed is any plant, non-woody or woody, whose landscape contribution is unappreciated or unknown to the cultivator, farmer, gardener, landscape, or orchardist in question. Shrubs and trees may become invasive and troublesome outside their native bio-geographies and (MORE)

Can weed grow in the dark?

not well, but they don't call it weed for nothing. its pretty simple. you should have some form of light source though. it doesn't have to be much.

What grass seed grows weeds?

No grass seed grows weeds, grass grows grass. The weeds that are popping up have most likely been there in seed form before you broadcasted grass seed on your lawn.

Will weed smell while growing?

yes but not at first.... depending on what plant you have and what time frame you are working in it can be anywhere from 2-4 months before they start to smell

Where does dill weed grow?

"Dill weed" is kind of an archaic name for it, it is properly called simply "Dill", and it will grow well anywhere corn or tomatoes will grow well in summer weather.

Does jimson weed grow in NC?

yes along farm fences rail roads and sewar man holes.it is poisiness and can and will kill you if taken the wrong way talk to your doctor about how to take a safe dose

Will your weed plant grow?

maby but there's allot of factors to consider. Firstly what are you growing? specialist seeds from the internet are often guaranteed female and will usually work well. They will specify where to grow them for best results, such as outdoor {very dependent on location/weather/time of year} or indoor. (MORE)

Why Do People Insist On Listening To Vinyl?

Because it has a warmer, more vintage sound than digital music, because it is nice to have a physical copy of the music, because you can look at the album artwork while listening to the record, because you can pretend that you are from the 60s or something, etc. Also, if you can't find it on vinyl i (MORE)

How can weeds stop crops from growing?

Weeds steal the nutrients from the soil that the crops need. Some weeds grow so thick that they choke out the crop. If the weeds get tall enough, they will shade out the crops so that they can not get the sunlight they need.

Does tumble weed grow in the desert?

Yes, Russian Thistle, aka tumbleweed, will grow in the desert,primarily in disturbed areas and areas that receive extra water,such as along roads.

What is the quickest way to grow weed?

Marijuana or latin... cannibus is the most moderate growing plat. Marijuana grows in a well lit, warm moist area. keep that in mind for the correct climate. as far as process catalysts go, or (speed up stuff), you are best off putting a tsp. of coffee grounds into the water you grow it with. DO NOT (MORE)

Can you grow weed in mud?

What the **** yess you can but it's ganna die grow in soil and pee in it for ferterlizer it's true

Why do some people insist Obama is a Muslim?

As a professional fact-checker, I wish I knew, since we get asked about it a lot. Among the reasons why some people insist he is a Muslim: he has a Muslim- sounding name; his biological father was born a Muslim; and his political enemies have spread rumors and myths about his allegedly "secret" beli (MORE)

Can you grow weed on mars?

No. Mars is too cold and lacks water. No plant from earth couldgrow there. Mars also has about 1% of the atmospheric pressure asEarth, and the decreased levels of sunlight per square meter wouldmake outdoor growth unpractical. However, given a fully contained environment, such as a solariumwith art (MORE)

How do weeds grow without planting them?

Weeds are spread in two ways: by windblown seeds and by spreadingroots and runners. In some cases, seeds of weeds and other plantsare unintentionally carried by animals or people.