Why do people need to read and write?

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Without the ability to read and write anyone can tell you anything and you won't know if it is true or not. You wouldn't be able to research to find out information, to read a milk carton or follow directions for simple things, to read how to do something, to put together things, to write a letter to anyone about anything, and to do so many other things that are needed in everyday life. Jobs would be hard to come by because in most jobs you need to read and to be able to fill out forms. Just to get a job an application is needed and you need to be able to read and write for that. One of the first things Hitler did when he invaded Poland is close the schools. It is easier to make a person a slave when they can't read or write since the ability to critically think usually goes along with the ability to read/write. Just to know information about all sorts of things comes with reading.
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What do people do when they can't read or write?

It Is Very Hard For People That Cannot Read Or Write. When Doing Most Anything They Associate Things By Pictures. Even Not Knowing To Read The Word Stop. The Color And Shape O

Why do people need to read?

People need reading. Here is an example if you go to the mall and want to get the new pretty tall shoes that just came out you need to read the box cover so you can get the

Can people write but not read?

This is not very likely. There are people who can read, but who cannot write effectively. However, how could you write if you did not know what the words and letters were?

How many people can read and write?

A majority of people in MEDC (Most Economically Developed Countries) like England can read and write but unfortunate people living inn LEDC (Less Economically Developed Countr

How do people lives improve when they can read and write?

The necessity for writing and reading can bee seen if we go back in human history. Historically, writing and reading was a big step forward in cultural evolution. Previously

How many people can read and write in china?

The literacy rate of the People's Republic of China is estimated to be between 90-95%. Men also has a better literacy rate than woman. It is estimated that 96% of men can read
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Can people read but not write?

No, if they have hands then they can write as they understand the language in written form and not just oral form. If you can read a language then you can write it
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Can people in the philapians read and write?

By philapians I'm just going to assume you made a spelling error and are referring to Filipino people, or people from the Phillipines. In that case, the answer would be yes.
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Why do people read to write?

reading books gives the writer ideas of a good book and helps improve the writer's writing. i hope u understood that