Why do people say that Youngevity is a scam?

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Although Youngevity is considered to be a legitimate company some people are calling it a scam. The reason for this is that Dr. Wallach who is the person behind this liquid mineral supplement had originally spent 40 years researching and observing the effects of different nutrients on animals and therefore they do not consider him to be an expert in human supplements.
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What is a scam?

The term SCAM in the online world has been loosely translated. By definition, a scam is a quick-profit scheme where a person cheats another individual or group out of money by presenting them with false information during a deal or offer. There are many different types of scams that prey on unsuspe (MORE)

Why do people say no?

cuz they don't want to say yes. Because they don't agree with what people are asking or saying to them.

Am I being SCAMMED for my RENT MONEY from people in Nigeria?

Hi, this is the same person that posted this question and i just wanted to elaborate: I found an amazing place to live for super cheap, but after receiving this guy's email, i researched this online just to check if it'd be a scam b/c it was too good to be true. I found people in Nigeria are work (MORE)

Is Be. a scam?

Yes, Be. Productions is a scam. I worked for them as a "Talent Director" and left due to moral differences. They do not have the connections they claim to and are using the names and images of celebrities without their knowledge. "Talent Directors" are kept around based on sales volume and not the t (MORE)

You recently received an email saying you won a Chevron lottery - is this a scam?

If you receive any kind of correspondence (whether it be by mail, email, phone, etc) saying you won a lottery, prize, etc that you did not purchase a ticket for or ask to be considered, then IT IS PROBABLY A SCAM. Anytime we are offered something for nothing, it sounds too good to be true then IT (MORE)

Is Kenneth Kimoni scamming people?

I would certainly like to know if this is a scam - any feedback at all would be great. I do know of a Jordan bo that scams people on facebook

What is the email for YoVille to say you been scammed?

If you need to contact them go to http://www.yoville.com/support Quote from http://www.yoville.com/faq#6 "be aware of email scams claiming to be from Zynga Customer Support and asking for your email address and/or password. *Zynga will never ask for your email and/or password*. Please be (MORE)

I have had an email saying that i have inherited money from this bank but think this is a scam please respond?

And do they need you to send a fee to get the money? Or do they need you to send them all your financial information to get the money? When next you talk to them, tell them that you will be happy to receive the funds, and if they'll tell you what bank has those funds, you'll have your bank call the (MORE)

Why do so many people think all MLM are scams?

The reason is because many companies tend to "imitate" products in the market and base their turnover only on the distributor kits which the new people who joined the business purchase. This creates a wave of enthusiasm in which the companyand the first distributors "make a hit" and disappear from t (MORE)

Is clickdvdshowscom a scam or are they just bad business people?

BOTH - I ordered an item Thanksgiving weekend for Christmas. They promise 8-10 days delivery. After no delivery by Christmas, I obviously inquired. So far, this could happen to any buyer and merchant. Now the fun starts. They don't reply to emails or voicemails in a timely fashion. I then get a call (MORE)

How can I stop Live PC from saying that I have a virus and wants me to purchase a protection plan with them Is it a scam?

This is a scam. Do not purchase this, and make sure you store no personal info (credit card numbers, bank account details, Social Security Number, etc.) on the computer. You need to scan the computer with multiple programs for removing viruses/malware. I personally got a virus similar to this a (MORE)

How come there are so many sites saying amprex lending group is a scam?

Answer 1: Because I am one of the people that got ripped off $825.00. Answer 2: This IS a SCAM!!!!!!! Our Structural Engineering Company is at and has been at the address of (address deleted) for the past 17 years. No other company has ever been in this suite number. In fact it was created fo (MORE)

Does bidic really scam people?

While it is normal for any auto place to have complaints, there does seem to be an inordinate number of complaints against Bidic. Fraud, lies and out right rip offs are the chief complaints. Many have complained that the warranty is not as it was represented to them. Others have spoke of being flat (MORE)

Why do people scam other people?

Because they can, and they have no morals. some people scam people just for the fun, normally when someone is scamming you they say that they come from Nigeria, they also say that they view your profile.let me give you some tips. 1. don't send any money to any that you don't know 2. don't reply (MORE)

Is money mutual a scam to get peoples money?

Yes. What they do is charge you interest fees the week AFTER you get your loan. So lets say your spent your entire 1000 bucks the first week because it was an emergency, the following week your bank statement will be -195.00 because they just charged you interest. So not only do you have the - (MORE)

Why do you scam?

Scams online commonly come from Nigeria for high value items, that was widely believed, but with experience and research the rate of online scams is higher in Malaysia and Indonesia. Nigeria can be rated between number 18th - 26th, because IT is just on the embryo stage in Nigeria, whereas it is ful (MORE)

Do people have to thite or its an evangelical scam?

It's a scam. Tithing was an old testament requirement only for certain israelites in certain circumstances. It no longer applies to Jews today and it was never meant for christians at all. Those preachers are abusing an obsolete law for their own financial gain. If any preacher says you must tithe o (MORE)

Is people helping people a scam?

Helping someone is not a scam. Your being kind, nice, and helpful to the while helping. That makes you feel good about what you doing and people will trust you.

How do you get money and scam people on miniplanet?

Well to get money without scamming- Play games and sell your clothes by clicking on them and pressing sell How to get money from scamming- DOG SCAM! - get into dog costume, have an auction for yourself and when you get the money leave the person SALE SCAM- Say your poor and lost your stuff and (MORE)

Do people use credit card generators in scams?

No people do not use credit card generators in scams. People find out authentic credit card numbers by theft of credit cards or even scanners that can scan cards in a person's pocket.

Are their a list of people on the interet who are scam psychics or medium psychic?

Such lists, if they exist, should probably themselves be considered suspect. More generally, please understand that any person claiming to be psychic or a medium for money may well be engaging in trickery. There is certainly a long history of this. Mentalists entertain using similar techniques. The (MORE)

Where did they say of the people by the people for the people?

Gettysburg Address by President Abraham Lincoln: Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, (MORE)

How can you scam woozworld people?

really since its now in 2012 the only scam MOST people fall for is when you put A LOT of poor items in trade , make sure to put a rich in there , when the person is trying to confirm .. take away the rich item (click the X near the top right corner where you put the item) then put another poor item (MORE)

What happens to people who fell for the Obama scam?

Consumers throughout northeast Ohio, who owe utility bills, think they hit the jackpot. A rumor is circulating that President Barack Obama approved $1,000 to pay off bills. It started with phone calls and is now circulating through word of mouth. However, this is not a legitimate offer. There isn't (MORE)

Why has the Mormon church protected Norman Brockenshire for scamming people out of money?

Norman Brockenshire is an independent person, and while he is a reseacher and historian of Mormonism, he does so independently and not in affiliation with or supported by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I see no record of him scamming people out of money, only in that he has sold b (MORE)

How many people got scammed on animal JAM?

Lots of jammers did. Either they are lying or they are really depressed and heart-broken that the rares they were going to give to a sibling or friend is gone. Many jammers that have been scammed don't want to talk about it. I got scammed once. I sent my white bow and arrows and the scammer said she (MORE)

How do you track down people using your photo image on scam sites?

Using a search-by-image search engine such as tineye.com or Google, indentify files that match your original image. On each site, identify the owner through site information or a whois lookup. Contact them in writing and ask for the image to be taken down. If they fail to comply with your request, y (MORE)

How can some people scam you by calling your phone?

People can scam you by calling your phone in many different ways. Some ways you can be scammed by this include paying fake bills to fake companies, international phone calls that can cost over $2000 per minute and more.