Why do people use VoIP?

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The number one reason people uses VoIP is the cost. Calling long distance or international is a lot cheaper than regular landlines or mobile phones.
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What is a disadvantage of using VoIP?

Poor Internet connection will result in jitter or broken sound (typical cable and ADSL connections do not come with service level agreements of any merit). Cost to maintain sm

What are the components used in VOIP?

Most VoIP providers (such as voip.com) provide the adapter free. All you need is high speed internet (90kbps upload speed is the minimum). For more info, visit the following l

What is voip hou can you use?

VOIP stands for Voice over IP. It uses the Internet to provide voice communicatons just like the phone company except cheaper. You can get an Internet connection and Phone con

How can VOIP be used?

VoIP is very useful in making international calls. Mostly it is used for calling outside the country with no extra charge, no time limit and no surprising bills. It is paid mo

What can be use to improve the bandwidth of Voip?

VoIP doesn't have bandwidth, it uses bandwidth. To improve your bandwidth make sure you have an up to date modem and that you are subscribed to a large enough amount of data t

How many voip users in US?

Yes it can be used. You will need to make sure you Internet connectivity. Because the iPod can record sound (mic) and play sound it is possible. Skype is commonly used on iPod
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When should a VOIP phone be used?

A VOIP phone should be used to make calls over the Internet, without relying on a landline. It can be used to reduce phone costs and for easier access to distant recipients.

What does VoIP use?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allowsyou to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connectioninstead of a regular (or analog) phone line. Some
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How does one use Asterisk VoIP?

One can find the information on using Asterisk VoIP by calling the customer service or by reading the tutorials that can be found with purchase or online.

What application uses VOIP technology?

VoIP needs no certain application other than the Internet. If youhave a reliable internet connection, headset and laptop, you aregood to go and you don't need any other hardwa