Why do people watch Judge Judy and other celebrity Judge shows?

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Judge Judy expects a direct answer to a direct question & does not tolerate word-games. This would be fine if she was polite and not abusive herself. But she does not respect anyone herself so should not be in a position to expect it from others......much like a wayward cop who is caught abusing someone.....It's just that their position of authority DEMANDS that they exhibit fairness and objectivity.
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Why do people stereotype and judge others?

Evolutionary Psycho-Sociological Basic perceptual/ behavioral patterns are hardwired into the brain; based on those that offered the greatest chance of survival throughout the evolution of life, then the evolution of primates, and then our evolution. Steoreotyping and prejudicing offer a simple e (MORE)

Should you judge other people?

Answer To Judge or Not To Judge (7:1-6) [ "To Judge or Not to Judge" , that is the questionbefore us. The proper answer comes from a closer look at Jesus' words in James4:11; Mt 7:1-6 .;] 1. A chosen saying of many people is "Judge not, that yoube not judged" ...It is frequently quoted whene (MORE)

Where does the money come from to pay the awards on Judge Judy show?

he show's creation stemmed from http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Judith_Sheindlin's reputation as one of the most outspoken family court judges in the country, becoming the topic of a http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Los_Angeles_Times article in February 1993. The piece caught the attention of http: (MORE)

What type of Judge is Judge Judy?

She was appointed a criminal court judge judge in New York City in 1982 and then family court becoming the supervising family court judge in Manhattan in 1986. She retired in 1996. The Judge Judy show debuted in 1996. She is purported to be the highest paid TV celebrity. On her show she is style (MORE)

What is judge judy income?

30 million dollars Nah she is worth more than that. The last time I looked she was making $ 70,000 a day, with a $ 100 million 4-year contract. Do the math. But as to what a person is "worth," I am not clear on exactly what that means. it is easier to answer what she makes. Who knows what she sp (MORE)

Why do people judge others in social situations?

Because most people don't understand the problem they face their self so it's easier to judge someone else and think they know everything ,when really they are in the same boat ,they don't want other to judge them and be made fun of or put down for their faults as well, so it's easier to hurt someon (MORE)

Why do people judge others?

To feel good about themselves mostly. And sometimes its blackmail. If you have a person judging you, think about who scares them and consider if they could be blackmailing your judge. It is very likely. Or it could be personal issues. Maybe that person has troubles at home and needs to take the (MORE)

Is Judge Judy Married?

Yes, she has a husband named Jerry Sheindlin. She's married to former People's Court judge Jerry Scheindlin. Prior to his time on the People's Court bench, Gerald Sheindlin served as a US Administrative Judge at the Social Security Administration in OH and NYC: from 1983 he served as a Criminal (MORE)

Is Judge Judy a real judge?

She was a judge, but she retired. She is now a arbitrator, decidinglegal cases that otherwise might have been settled in Civil Court.Other than returning misappropriated property, litigants on her TVshow are not legally responsible for monetary awards she orders, asthese are paid by the show. Judge (MORE)

Is judge judy a judge?

Judge Judy (Judith Scheindlin) retired from public service in 1996, after 14 years, presiding over 20,000 cases as a judge in New York City. She is still a qualified attorney in the State of New York. . However on the show she isn't officially a judge her official title would be an arbitrator. Basi (MORE)

Is Judge Judy nice?

Well when she is at her courthroom,she can not be nice to people.But when she is at home with her family,she laughs and has a great time with them

WHY makes people JUDGE others?

people judge because they think they're perfect. they think looks are more impotant than what's inside. looks are deceiving. never go by a person's looks or what they do everyday. first off they need to look at themselves before calling anyone out. they are going to be lost in life. because only god (MORE)

How many husbands has Judge Judy had?

She has had two husbands, but three marriages due to divorcing and remarrying her second husband, Jerry Sheindlein. Together they raised five children, two from Judge Judy's first marriage and three from her husband's.

What is judge judy salary?

According to the annual (2013) salary survey published in TV Guide, Judge Judy is currently making as much as $45 million a year. This sounds amazing (or outrageous, if you don't like her show), but successful syndicated programs like hers are very lucrative and the hosts or stars tend to be very we (MORE)

Is Judge Judy dead?

No. She is alive as of September 13, 2017. Judge Judy is currently74 years of age.

When did judge judy become a judge?

She passed the bar exam and began practicing as an attorney in 1965. In 1972 she applied for and was appointed as a judge. See the related link below for a complete biography.

What channel is judge judy on?

Check your local listings... Station Market Day Time . WXXA. Albany, NY. Mon-Fri. 4:00pm. KTBC. Austin, TX. Mon-Fri. 4:00pm. WGMB. Baton Rouge. Mon-Fri. 10:00am. WBZ. Boston. Mon-Fri. 4:00pm. WNKY. Bowling Green. Mon-Fri. 3:00pm. WPTZ. Burlington. Mon-Fri. 3:00pm. KG (MORE)

Is judge judy a real show?

Is it a real show? lol..I sued the real kramer, Kenny Kramer on Judge Judy in California. I was paid airfare and costs to stay and go to L.A.. Our case as partially fixed. i was approached by a judge judy research person in nyc small claims court. i was told if i filed suit , it would be on judge ju (MORE)

Why do people judge others based on ethnicity?

Alot of times people are jugded ethnically purely because people are afraid of change, They don't like the unknown, it's only natural. Now it may not be the same for all people, they may see or have heard of what one person in a group people has done ans automatically have fear of them which eventua (MORE)

Who is the bailiff on Judge Judy?

The ever patient, ever tolerant bailiff is Petri Hawkins-Byrd known as "the world's richest bailiff". Judge Judy calls him Byrd. See the link below for additional information on Mr. Byrd.

Why do people go onto judge judy?

The production company reportedly pay each both the plaintiff and defendant $100 each for the apperance, plus flights and accomodation. In addition, the production company pays any judgments made (ie even if Judge Judy orders the defendant to pay $1000 to the plaintiff, the defendant doesn't actuall (MORE)

Do judges work with other people?

Yes, they usually have a secretary/assistant, and they work with other judges of the same court, and alomost daily with attorneys and other court staff (clerks - bailiffs - etc).

How do people judge other people that they meet?

They can easily tell the race of that person, judge them for some things that people of the same race have done wrong, and then assume that person is bad just because people of his/her race did something bad.

Why do people judge each other?

Every one wants to be better than another person. For example, a girl with an amazing hair do, is problably trying to out do the other girls for attention.

Is Judge Judy a judge currently?

Judge Judy (Judith Scheindlin) retired from public service in 1996, after 14 years, presiding over 20,000 cases as a judge in New York City. She is still a qualified attorney in the State of New York.

Has judge judy had a face lift?

For someone who is 70 years old, she looks fantastic. I would say "yes" she had a facelift and would love the name and phone number of her surgeon.

When does Judge Judy get angry?

Judge Judy does not suffer fools easily. After she passed the New York bar exam, she became a corporate lawyer but after two years she felt that she could do more in her role as a lawyer. In 1972, she took a job as a prosecutor in family court, prosecuting juvenile crime, domestic violence, and c (MORE)

What made Judge Judy famous?

Judge Judy, Judith Scheindlin, was highly respected while she served as a judge and came to national attention in February 1993, when she was profiled in the Los Angeles Times as a hard-hitting legal super-heroine, determined to make the courts work for the common good. That same year, the TV news m (MORE)

How many DU Is does judge Judy have?

Judith Scheindlin of the 'Judge Judy' TV show is not the Judge Judy in court for DUI. It was Judge Judith Raub Eiler, a county court judge in Seattle, WA. Judge Eiler behaved aggressively at her hearing which earned her a five-day suspension without pay from the Washington State Supreme Court. The m (MORE)

What does God think of people judging others?

Mankind will be judged by God on the Last Day, only he knows what is truly in our hearts. We cannot judge anyone because we do not understand nor see what is inside someones actions or beliefs. Judging others would be seen as morally hypocritical, mankind cannot compare to God, he is the best in Jud (MORE)

Is Aunt Judy actually Judge Judy?

"From what I have found, no, Judge Judy is not Aunt Judy. Judge Judy is an American judge who takes public cases on television. Aunt Judy is someone else."

Why do people easily judge others?

Because they don't know the real you. They just judge other people in what they see in the outside. But not exactly what's in the inside.

Why do people judge other people on their appearance?

Because they are shallow and adhere to stereotypes.....often they have had quite sheltered lives and not experienced meeting different people and listening to what the person has to say. If they did, they might learn how to not be so superficial!

Do Mormon's judge other people?

Some do and some don't. There are over 15 million members of theChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the'Mormon" church), all with different personalities. Some are morelikely to be judgmental than others. Mormons are taught that they should not judge, and to be tolerant,pati (MORE)