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Why do people wear clothes for protection?

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What clothing do people from Mississippi wear?

I don't know how people from other states wear everyday, but in the  summer time, most girls were short shorts and t-shirts or  tank-tops. Guys where knee high shorts and t-

What clothing do people wear in Siberia?

They put underpants, light pants and only then just trousers or jeans! They put a jacket of fur-coat on a sweater thre's a shirt or t-shirt under the sweater. Th

Why is it important to wear protective clothing in the kitchen?

sayed thinks its too stop germs or potentially harmful substances from getting onto the skin. obviously if your touching messy things like excrement so it doesnt touch you. al

What clothing do people in Afghanistan wear?

Actually, the words "Perahan Tunban" are usually said and spelled, "Peron and Tumban." Afghan clothes are looser than Pakistani clothing, especially for the women. While the T

Why should you wear protective clothing?

You should wear protective clothing because you could easily hurt yourself e.g: builders have to wear helmets to protect them from anything falling on them.

What clothing do people in azerbaijan wear?

? Didn't get the question. You are curious about national costume or regular clothing? People wear whatever they like... some prefer to follow fashion trends... some don't

What did tlingit people wear for clothing?

The tlingit wore ceremonial dresses , carved masks , "chilikat" robes , and hats made out of roots. They also wore ear and nose rings (peircings). They wore disks through tere

What clothes do people wear in cuba?

The Cubans wear Latin American style clothes. The Cuban women and girls dress is sexy, femine and colorful, Cuban women wear short skirts or tight jeans and a blouse or a Cuba

When people die do they wear clothes?

Unless they died in the bathtub Answer: People die when they die - dressed or undressed. People who are viewed at a funeral home usually are dressed in their typical (if n
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Why do food handlers wear protective clothing?

This is done to protect Food from being contaminated. There are bacteria everywhere on our hands, our hairs etc.. protective clothing such as hair net, masks etc. are means to