Why do people wear fur clothing?

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People wear fur clothing because they think it is more fashionable then fake fur and they usually don't care about animals.

People wear fur in cold climates because synthetics do not offer the same warmth and comfort value. There are many places in the US (outside of Alaska) where the temperature falls into the single digits and the windchill into the negative. Fur is simply a smart choice in these areas and the decision for people to wear fur in these areas have little to do with fashion. If properly cared for a fur garment can last several lifetimes (which is why these coats are often passed down from generation to generation) making it a more environmentally and financially sound purchase decision. Synthetics are derived from petroleum (bad for our environment) and while it's true that chemicals are also used in creating a fur coat, their lasting power prevents people from having to repurchase an environmentally harmful product every couple of years. Fur Coats are not Dry Cleaned with chemicals but instead cleaned through abrasion (generally saw dust), so their is no ongoing damage to the environment through the regular maintenance of a lifetime piece. From an ethical standpoint, some people prefer to wear a coat that has sacrificed an animal rather then one that has sacrificed human lives (American Soldiers who continue to work to secure petroleum for our 'fashion' desires) and also because long term, it is less damaging to the environment then synthetics. Call it the lesser of two evils, but their are a number of sound reasons for the wearing of Fur.
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