Why do people who know the least know it the loudest?

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It's the phenomena of the biggest mouths having the smallest minds.
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Which planet do scientists know least about?

Scientists know the least about the planet Pluto. It is thefurthest planet from the Earth in our Solar System and is the onlyplanet that has not been viewed by an Earth spacec

How do you get to know people?

Well say hello, and talk to them. Just ask questions and listen and stay in contact and you'll start becoming good friends. _____ Also make eye contact as your talking so the

How do you know if people you know are in love?

if you truley love them. and you think about them all the time and cant get your mind off of them. you constantly talk about them. and everytime someones brings up a conversat

Why do people always ask do you know what When they know you do not know it?

Speaking as someone who deals with this a lot. As unfortunate as it may sound, but some people dig for information from people just so they can go back and share your thoughts

How do you get people to know you?

The short answer is - socialise ! Join a sports club, library, rambling group, chess club etc... The more people you socialise with - the more people will get to know you.
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What is the least loudest woodwind instrument?

A saxophone could be played the loudest. However in an orchestra the instruments are balanced in dynamics (volume at which music is played) by proportional numbers and skilled
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What is the planet that scientist least know about?

Pluto is the least known planet within our solar system. This is simply because it is so far away - no man-made craft has ever been sent to observe it. ** It should be note