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Why do police officers use walkie-talkies?

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They use them so they can record rap lyrics. They might forget them if they wait until they get home
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How do police officers use math?

Police Officers use math very little during the course of their career. Math would depend on what Branch of law enforcement you cover. Example, A traffic reconstruction expert

What weapons do police officers use?

police have been known to use tazers, hand guns, and shotguns The most common are 9mm pistols, knight sticks and tazers. I believe the Glock 9 is the most common firearm used

What kind of dogs do police officers use?

  German shepherds are the most common but some use other breeds like labs or mixed breeds. The most commonly used police dog is the Belgian Malinois (90% of the world's m

When can a police officer use deadly force?

In the United States, a police officer is justified in using deadly force against another person when the other person is putting the officer's life, or the life of another ci

Why do police officers use dogs?

because they can sniff out drugs or act as a theat to say he will bite u if u do try to pull something or if u run he will chase u and bite u

What types of technology do police officers use?

Police officers use technology such as, but is not limited to: Cars, guns, tasers, walkie talkies, sat-navs, breath testers, computers for checking stuff and lights to direct
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What do police officers mainly use math for?

Officers have to be able to tally the cost of individual items to determine total loss in a crime. They may be required to compute the duration of time between two times or da

What gun do police officers in Missouri use?

The type of firearm carried by any law enforcement officer is determined by the officer's employer and sometimes the officer him/herself. Most law enforcement agencies permit