Why do poor people have more children?

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Poverty, as a general rule in culture produces individuals who lack education, self-control and self-discipline. People in poverty, who start to exemplify education and self-discipline, usually exit poverty by default. Poor people usually keep having more children because they lack the virtue of sexual self control and/or common sense/money to use birth control. Plus unprotected sex is free until pregnancy occurs.

If you have no money, you can just grab the gal sitting on the couch and have a good time without spending money. They only care after it is too late.

When your priority is sex, you will have more children.

When your priority is study and work, you will have less children.

Nature gives us sexual pleasure to make us want to reproduce. Whoever acts according to sexual appetite is most likely to continue the human race. Nature tends to select for sexual urges so the species can last for millions of years.

In human society person who controls sexual desire, study, and work hard will be rich and person who does more sex, less study, and less work will be poor.

Thus poor people have more children.

People should not have children they cannot afford to raise. I've seen illegal immigrants with up to 12 children all paid for by the taxpayers and I don't believe its sustainable. The state I live in is sinking (e.g. California) under this sort of nonsense and nobody's really doing anything to stop it except raising taxes on a people with the highest taxes in the nation and a modern liberal public indoctrination system that's now 3rd from the bottom (years ago it was number one in the nation). It makes me sick. We can still implement welfare if we require the painless procedure of sterilization to both male and female as part of the application process. It's only fair in my opinion. Poor people shouldn't be having kids they can't afford to raise in my opinion. By the way, I'm poor and would subject myself to that requirement if I decided to accept welfare.
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