Why do rabbits lay eggs but bunnies give birth?

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Rabbits don't lay eggs they give birth and bunny also don't lay either.
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Do zebras lay eggs or give birth?

Zebras give live birth. Zebra foals are born alive. Zebras are not reptilian, amphibian,avian nor a monotreme (mammal marsupial that lays eggs and givesmilk). They are one of

How many bunnies do rabbits give birth to?

The female rabbit gives birth to many bunnies called kits. This bunch of bunnies is called a litter. If you want to know more about this subject you can visit http://debmark.c

Do irkens give birth or lay eggs?

Irkens are closely related to insects and infact do lay eggs.However how many and what size they are and how many in a clutch,is very debateable.
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Does a rabbit give birth or lay eggs?

Like almost all mammals, rabbits bear live young. The egg-laying rabbit is an Easter legend.
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Do all rabbits give birth to bunnies?

No, only the female ones; and only those who have been made pregnant by a male rabbit. For further information please ask a grown up about "the birds and the bees" :-)
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Does rabbit give birth or lay eggs?

they give birth to their babies when they are ready to come out they are just like humans they have a due date