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Why do rocks have to be solid to be rocks?

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It is a question of definition. Rocks are defined to be composed of minerals (at least two minerals). Minerals are by definition solid because liquid materials cannot sustain a regular repeated and symmetrical crystal lattice. Therefore rocks have to be solid.
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When does sediment become solid rocks?

the order sedimnets become solid rocks when water and air squeezed out from between the sedimnet layer. The sedimnets may also become solid rock when dissolved minerals in the

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After millions of years of the rock degrating, it becomes an almost sand like substance. Rocks are broken down by the natural elements until it is in such small pieces that i

What is a word for molten rock changing in to a solid rock?

Solidification (but that's too obvious, isn't it?). You could even argue that Cooling would also be a correct description of the process. Lithification seems like it would be