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Why do rocks have to be solid to be rocks?

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It is a question of definition. Rocks are defined to be composed of minerals (at least two minerals). Minerals are by definition solid because liquid materials cannot sustain a regular repeated and symmetrical crystal lattice. Therefore rocks have to be solid.
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How does liquid rock change to solid rock?

A combination of increased temperature, a decrease in confining pressure or addition of volatiles can all act to cause rock to melt.

The ability of solid rock to flow?

the lighter the rock is the easier it is able to flow. there is a rock that is so light it flows through the air like a feather. rock starts out as magma until it cools after

Are rocks always solid?

Rocks aren't always solid it can dissolve aswell as it is scientificlly proven. KAMAL HUSSAIN 8R FROM ROKEBY

When does sediment become solid rocks?

the order sedimnets become solid rocks when water and air squeezed out from between the sedimnet layer. The sedimnets may also become solid rock when dissolved minerals in the
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What is more dense rock or solid?

It depends on the particular rock and on the particular solid. Please restate the question, giving more specifics, such as what rock and what solid.