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Why do some bulls have a hump?

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ALL bulls should have a hump or crest. A muscular hump on their necks is a sign of adequate masculinity and good fertility. They are what cattle producers call "superior quality sires." A bull with no or a very small hump on its neck is a bull that is inferior, with poor fertility, poor muscling, and lacking in masculinity. These kind of bulls shouldn't be used for breeding females, and should be slaughtered for beef or sold as bologna bulls.
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Why do camels have humps?

The reason for the existence of a camel's hump is purely down to  genetics. A camel is genetically predisposed to have one (Dromedary  camel) or two humps (Bactrian camel), (MORE)

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How do you hump a towel?

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What are some sitting bull facts?

1. When Sitting Bull was born, his parents didn't name him right away, they waited to choose a name that fitted his personality. In the first few months, they saw nothing amaz (MORE)

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How do camels get their humps?

The_camels_get_their_humps_simply_when_they_eat._When_the_food_is_consumed,_the_camel's_body_will_convert_it_to_fats,_which_will_then_be_stored_in_its_hump._The_more_they_eat, (MORE)

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In Africa

What is the hump of Africa?

The hump of Africa is when the camels humps start to bleed, thus symbolizing the bleeding the slaves encourntered. So called the hump of Africa

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What is the hump on a Brahma bull for?

The hump on the Brahma Bull is basically a survival mechanism. It  is a large deposit of fat that the bull can use to live on in case  of severe hunger.

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Why do some camels have one hump while others have two or three?

camels like every other living thing are different no living thing is the same. If I'm not totally wrong It's because the camels with one hump is a dromedary - an Arabian Ca (MORE)

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Why puppy hump?

puppies hump not to show dominance but to practice for when they are old enough to mate. it is not uncommon for a male puppy to hump another puppy this only lasts a few second (MORE)