Why do some bulls have a hump?

Why do some bulls have a hump?
ALL bulls should have a hump or crest. A muscular hump on their necks is a sign of adequate masculinity and good fertility. They are what cattle producers call "superior quality sires." A bull with no or a very small hump on its neck is a bull that is inferior, with poor fertility, poor muscling, and lacking in masculinity. These kind of bulls shouldn't be used for breeding females, and should be slaughtered for beef or sold as bologna bulls.
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How do you do the hump hairstyles?

The hump, as popularized by Sarah Palin and Snooki, is done with a plastic thing called a Bumpit. The procedure is pretty simple: go to where on your head you want the bump an (MORE)

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Why does the camel have a hump?

to store fat, not water, like most people think.    Edit: it's true that it's to store fat, but water is produced when  fat is burned, so by default it's also a form of (MORE)

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How do camels get their humps?

The_camels_get_their_humps_simply_when_they_eat._When_the_food_is_consumed,_the_camel's_body_will_convert_it_to_fats,_which_will_then_be_stored_in_its_hump._The_more_they_eat, (MORE)

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What is a camels hump?

  The camel hump is the round structure you see on its back. It is use to store fat not water.

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