Why do the air forces fight?

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because they can
..... Air Forces, regardless of the country they belong to, fight because they are ordered to do so by the command struture. Air Forces don't simply pick fights, they go to war when the country goes to war.
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What do you have to do in the air force?

Such a broad question. Theres so much to cover here, ask specifics. are you talking about your job, when you enlist, you have an option depending on how well you scored on you

What does the air force do?

The United States Air Force's mission is "To fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace." The U.S Air Force's vision is "Global vigilance, reach and power." The Air Force

What do you have to do to get in the air force?

Go through basic training (contact an Air Force recruiter), Go through Air Force ROTC in college (reserve officer's training corps), Go to the Air Force academy. you can also

What it is the Air Force?

The air force are the smartest in the military. they just dont get anyone. u have to score really high. its all brains there. and they get paid more then the others.

Did Air Force personal fight in the jungles of Vietnam?

This was the 20th century; in which the Air Force did Air Force jobs, the Navy did Navy jobs, and the Marines & Army did Marine/Army work. . TODAY; each branch of service has

Does the Air Force ever get on the ground and fight?

Not really. The US Air Force is the most powerful and feared air power in the world. The US Army fights on the ground, the US Navy fights in the water, and the US Air Force fi