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Why do the ends of the house plant leaves turn brown?

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You can use alternative watering methods, including a few ice cubes, or water spikes or tubes to avoid overwatering your plants and to get the water to the roots.
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Houseplants with Brown Leaves Leaf tips may turn brown due to too little humidity. Other possible problems are too much or too little water, too much or too little light, or too much fertilizer for the plant in question; rule out some of these and try adjusting the others. ANSWER: Mainly this is due to overwatering. The excess moisture drips off the leave tips and they rot due to constantly being wet. Make sure all the plants that you water have proper ventilation and drainage trays. Small plants that are not in direct sunlight may only need to be lightly watered twice a month. Cut back on the amount that you give at any one time and maybe water smaller amounts, just more often. A plant will let you know when it needs water. The leaves will curl, brown and fall off. Do some research on the water amount needed by your specific plants and put a little note in the pot to what day of the week or month and how much water to give. Most indoor plants are loved literally to death. Dont forget to add an organic fertilizer such as composted cow manure to your house plants as well.
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What can be done for a house plant when the leaves are turning yellow?

remove the yellowed leaves. make sure you are not overwatering. before watering, check soil with finger. if top 2 cm are dry, then water. plants need less water in the winter

What do you do after the leaves turn brown on your plant?

It's likely you are overwatering the plant. Trim off the brown leaves and repot. If there is standing water or excessive dampness in the bottom of the pot, where the roots res

Why do prayer plant leaves curl and turn brown?

  Prayer plants are a tropical plant and require more humidity than found in most homes. Some ways to overcome this include: keep your plant out of direct sunlight, keep

What is causing leaves on azalea to turn brown on top of plant and spreading?

Leaves that turn brown usually signal a cultural problem. If an azalea is improperly planted, the roots struggle and that is reflected in the condition of the foliage. Over-wa