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Why do the historans question the traditional date for the fall of the roman empire?

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Historical concensis changes over time. Perspectives change as more information is uncovered, or seen in a new light.
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What caused the fall of the roman empire?

The notable historian Edward Gibbon attributes the decline and fall  of the Roman Empire to the "insidious effects of Christianity".  Edward Gibbon thought Christianity is t

In which specific year and what date did the roman empire fall?

Answer . It was, of course, a gradual process. Specific dates are impossible, though many are given by various simplifiers.. The end is sometimes placed at 4 September A

How and why did the Roman Empire fall?

There are many answers to this question. I have heard things like one reason they fell was that the lead in their drinking cups made them too dumb to hold on to an empire. I'v

Why did the Roman Empire fall from Diocletian?

It wasn't only Diocletion that made the Roman Empire fall. It was caused by a multitude of things, SOME BEING: 1) There was a decline in military. People no longer wanted to s

What is a generalization about the fall of the Roman Empire?

First of all it has to be clarified that it was the western part of  the Roman Empire which fell. The eastern part of this empire  continued to exist for nearly 1,000 years.

Who was king at the fall of the roman empire?

Romulus Augustulus was nominally the emperor of the Western Roman Empire when it fell in 476 AD. He was only a boy at the time, and not even important enough to kill, so he wa

The generally agreed upon date for the fall of the Roman Empire is?

Rome Didn't Fall in a Day but Romulus Augustus deposition is used to mark the end of the Western Roman Empire, the fall of ancient Rome, and the beginning of the Middle Ages i

What is the conclusion after the fall of roman empire?

You need to specify what you mean by conclusion. The end of the western part of the Roman Empire was in itself a conclusion. After its fall it was the beginning of the Middle

How did the Ancient Roman Empire fall?

Rome fell for a few prime reasons. The first was governmental corruption. Politicians were accepting bribes and acting for their own benefit. When one emperor died, there was

What effect has the Greco-Roman legal tradition had on civilizations since the fall of the Roman Empire?

It is the Roman legal system which has had an  influence on Western Europe. The Romans developed their own legal  system without Greek influence. Greek influence on the Roma