Why do the historans question the traditional date for the fall of the roman empire?

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Historical concensis changes over time. Perspectives change as more information is uncovered, or seen in a new light.
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How did the Roman Empire fall?

First of all the Roman Empire didn't really fall all at once. It was split in half because of Germanic barbarians into East and West. The West Empire fell before the East. The

In which specific year and what date did the roman empire fall?

Answer . It was, of course, a gradual process. Specific dates are impossible, though many are given by various simplifiers.. The end is sometimes placed at 4 September A

Why did the eastern roman empire fall?

The eastern part of the Roman empire fell in 1453 to the Ottoman Turks who took Constantinople. Prior to this the Eastern Roman Empire had gradually been loosing territory to

What was the significance of the fall of the Roman Empire?

476, also known as the year of the Fall of the Western Roman Empire, was a very important date for the Romans. As the Western Roman Empire fell, the Eastern Roman Empire grew.

Who did the western roman empire fall to?

The Roman Empire fell to a alliance of Germanic tribes like the Visigoths and the Alans. Many other Germanic tribes where also the cause of the collapse of Rome. The Suebi and
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When the roman empire fall?

Rome fell in 476A.D after being attacked alot by the barbarian tribes from britan, germany, and so on.
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Why did the roman empire Caligula fall?

Caligula "fell" because he was assassinated. The reason for his murder were because of his irrational actions. Caligula "fell" because he was assassinated. The reason for his
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What are to reasons Why the Roman Empired Fall?

Two of the reasons why the Roman empire fell were a weak military and invasions by the Germanic tribes. There were several other reasons and they all combined to cause the fal
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Did the Roman Empire fall or was it punished?

Neither. Rome imploded. To add to this I first changed the question so it made more sense, however, if the first questioner meant "punished", I would say that the question mak
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What effect has the Greco-Roman legal tradition had on civilizations since the fall of the Roman Empire?

It is the Roman legal system which has had aninfluence on Western Europe. The Romans developed their own legalsystem without Greek influence. Greek influence on the Romans was