Why do the manholes steam in New York?

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Steam is still used for some power and heating in New York, the bigger steam plants can send their 'excess' steam to smaller plants via underground pipes - the steam rising up from the streets is just some of it escaping on it's travels - that's the answer I got anyway when I asked Google the same question! Answer it's also because of rainwater etc. falling onto the hot steam pipes, thus creating more steam that you can see from the manhole covers.
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Why was New York named New York?

The Dutch were the first settlers of New York City and they called it New Amsterdam,, after the capital city of Holland. The colony was conquered by the British in 1664 without a shot being fired; the appearance of the British ships in the harbor was enough to convince the colonists they had no chan (MORE)

Why are manholes round?

Round manholes provide access to underground utilities or passages. The heavy round cover just fits into a heavy ring. Things could be square or rectangular, but with a round cover, the cover cannot fall into the hole in any position. With a square or rectangular cover, there is a way to situate the (MORE)

Where is New York?

New York the city is a city in the state New York, in the country of the United States.. It is on the Northeastern coast of the United States. ney nork is located in the Atlantic coast

What is New York in?

New York City is in the state of New York which is int the northeastern United States.

Is New York old or new?

Compared to York the city in England established in 43 AD, from which New York gets it's name, very new indeed.

If New York is new is there an Old York?

Yes there is a old York, well it is just called York and its inEngland in the county of Yorkshire (a county is Britain's versionof a state, sort of but with less autonomy).

Is there a zoo in New York New York?

Yes. The Bronx Zoo is located in The Bronx, which is one of the five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island). There is also the Central Park Zoo in Central Park, Manhattan. It's a nice zoo, but it pales in comparison to The Bronx Zoo. I think those are t (MORE)

How long did it take to go from London to New York in 1875 by steam ship?

Well, in July of 1840 Samuel Cunard crossed his ship, the Brittania , in 11 days and 4 hours. And by 1901, the Germanliner the Deutschland , could cross the Atlantic in under 5days. I'm sorry this answer is not exact, but I hope you get the mainidea. Sources: BBC - History - British History in de (MORE)

What is a manhole invert?

A manhole invert is the pipeline running across the bottom of themanhole, from the point where the incoming pipe enters until theoutgoing pipe discharges the outflow. It is frequently expressed asan elevation level where this pipeline sits.

Where is New York New York?

New York City is in New York State, on the Atlantic Coast of the United States. The U.S.A. is a country on the continent of North America. There is also a hotel-casino in Las Vegas, Nevada named the "New York New York." New York, New York is the area comprised of the five Burroughs -Brookly (MORE)

Who was the York in New York?

What is New York? New York has been at the center of American Politics transportation and culture since the Dutch Republican 1 st founded New Amsterdam the 17 th century. NY gained its independence from great Brittan. In 1691 the Duke of York and the English government allowed New York to have (MORE)

What is in New York?

Other than the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, just about everything that exists anywhere in world. Manhattan is famous for it's financial district, garment district and fashion center, sports events, Broadway musicals, shopping from 5th Avenue designer labels to bargain shopping are (MORE)

Why is manhole circular?

A manhole cover is circular so that one person can roll it away from the hole it covers without running the risk of it falling into the hole.

Why was New York called New York?

The Dutch were the first to settle the area now known as New York, in approximately 1624. The Dutch named it New Amsterdam, after the Dutch city of Amsterdam. When New Amsterdam came under the control of the British in 1664, it was renamed New York in honor of the Duke of York, who received the l (MORE)

Can you grill in New York New York?

Yes, but only in non-residential locations that are in designated areas in city parks. See the first Related Link below for the NYC Parks and Recreations list of designated grilling areas. My favorite place to BBQ is on the northern-most tip of Roosevelt Island in Lighthouse Park (by the histori (MORE)

James Whitcomb Riley steam train Central New York Rail Road 1940-1950?

The New York Central Streamliner JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY was inaugurated late in 1941. The locomotive was a streamlined steam locomotive originally used on the MERCURY. The cars were 4 BUDD stainless steel coaches and three rebuilt heavyweight cars reconstructed by NYC Beech Grove Shops. This train con (MORE)

How did New York become New York?

History of the "New York" name: Pre-1624: Lenape Indians- Manna-hata (the "land of many hills) 1624: Dutch- New Amsterdam (which was part of the colony of New Netherland) 1664: British- New York (for the Duke of York, later King James II) 1673: Dutch- New Orange (occupied briefly during the (MORE)

Lyrics to New York New York?

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today. I want to be a part of it - New York, New York. These vagabond shoes Are longing to stray And step around the heart of it New York, New York. I want to wake up in a city, That doesn't sleep, To find I'm king of the hill- ah- Top of the heap. My littl (MORE)

When did New York become New York?

In 1609 Henry Hudson established a Dutch colony in what is now New York. Yet the colony was small and the fort that was built was not very strong. The port was a good one so the British became interested in the area and when the brother of the king, the Duke of York, was given the area of New York i (MORE)

What are the lyrics for New York New York?

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today. I want to be a part of it - New York, New York. These vagabond shoes Are longing to stray And step around the heart of it -- New York, New York. I want to wake up in a city, That doesn't sleep, To find I'm king of the hill- ah- Top (MORE)

Is New York the capital of New York?

No, New York is and has never been the capital of New York state. It has, however, served as the capital of the United States . The capital of New York is Albany.

Is it New York City New York or New York New York?

The City of New York (comprising all five counties or "boroughs") is referred to as New York, NY. The island and borough of Manhattan is New York, NY. When you write a letter to someone in Manhattan, you write "New York, NY" in the address. If you are writing to someone who lives in one of the ot (MORE)

What New York airport is quicker to York ave New York New York?

LaGuardia Airport is the closest. LaGuardia is written as if it's one word because it's an Italian last name and someone wrote it himself*. LaGuardia Airport and LaGuardia Community College in New York are both named after former New York Governor Fiorello H. LaGuardia.

It upstate New York in New York?

Yes, upstate New York is in New York. Upstate New York is most of New York State. Upstate New York is everything that is not New York City, its suburbs, or Long Island. Upstate New York includes the Catskill Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains; the Hudson River, the Mohawk River, and St. Lawren (MORE)

Where is 10005 New York New York?

The 10005 zip code covers the Wall Street area, which is Lower Manhattan on the East Side. The 10005 zip code runs south to north from the street called Exchange Place to Liberty Street and Maiden Lane (Liberty Street merges into Maiden Lane), and covers only five streets: Exchange Place ---> Wall S (MORE)

Why did New York become New York?

Has been since l664 when the Dutch let go of the property. York is of course a British place name- Duke of York, etc. Somewhat oddly "York as a nickname for New York has never caught on. People say Jersey all the time but rarely"York. Then again we have the run-together N"York which is short enough (MORE)

What is the altitude of New York New York?

Since New York City is on the Atlantic Ocean, its lowest elevation is sea level. The highest point in New York City is Todt Hill on Staten Island, at 410 feet above sea level. The highest point in Manhattan is Bennett Park in Washington Heights, at 265 feet above sea level.

What is the steam on the streets of New York City?

New York's famous steam seen billowing out of various manholes and sewer grates is the excess from an elaborate underground steam system that buildings - both residential and commercial - can make use of for heating. And since it's Manhattan, of course, it isn't free, but is a paid utility. This ste (MORE)

What river is in New York New York?

One river that is in Yew York City is the Hudson River. The HudsonRiver got its name from Henry Hudson, Henry Hudson discovered thisriver. There is also the East River and the Harlem River in New York City.

Who designed the New York New York?

Manhattan as we know it today was mostly designed through the Commissioners' Plan of 1811. Three men, Gouvernour Morris (a statesman), John Rutherfurd (a lawyer), and Simeon De Witt (a surveryor), were picked to form a commission that would design the street plan of Manhattan. They designed the curr (MORE)

Where can you get a mover in New York New York?

It depends on what kind of mover you want. The best idea might be to look through your local phone book and call to get rates and inquire on services. There is also some websites that rate moving companies. Getting a previous customer's opinion might be very helpful.

What are the function of manhole?

Change in diameter of pipes. Change in materials of pipes. Change in gradient. Change in level. Interimediate for long pipeline. Maintenance and Cleaning. Merging of pipelines Boundary (terminal manhole) Special Function

When did they name New York New York?

History of the "New York" name: Pre-1624: Lenape Indians- Manna-hata (the "land of many hills) 1624: Dutch- New Amsterdam (which was part of the colony of New Netherland) 1664: British- New York (for the Duke of York, later King James II) 1673: Dutch- New Orange (occupied briefly during the (MORE)

Is New York in New York state?

Yes, New York (the city) is in New York State. Most people refer to the City of New York as New York City as so not to be confused with New York State. However, the city shares the same name as the state, in which it is just New York.

How to get to New York?

Impossible to say, without knowing where you're coming from. You would probably take either a plane, a train, a bus, or a car. If it's close enough, you could even walk.

What is New York?

New York is a state known for the United States biggest city (alsothe world's 2nd largest city), New York City. This state is full ofculture and city residents, and is usually visited by lots oftourists that look to see iconic NYC sights.

Where is the new York?

New York is a state in the United States. It is located innortheastern United States. New York is bordered by New Jersey,Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, the AtlanticOcean, and the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario.