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Why do the members of the annex have just five ration cards and no extra coupons and no fats?

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because they had ran out of  florins

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Do teens have a little extra fat?

Some do, some don't, some have too little, some have too much. During the early teen years, most individuals find they have less body fat simply because the energy stored in t

Do girls have an extra layer of fat?

Yes, with the exception of anorectics, they have proportionally a lot more fat on them than boys. This is because all boys need to do is mate, protect, and get food. Girls nee

Why were ration coupons used?

Ration coupons were used to ensure there was an even as possible distribution of the limited goods during (primarily) times of war, and also so that there would be enough of s

What were ration coupons?

Rations are a fixed allowence of provisions or food. So ration coupons allowed you to purchase food or anything needed, but in moderation.

What are the types of ration card in karnataka?

in Karnataka BPL(Below Poverty Line ) ration cards are green yellow in rural areas and urban APL (Above Poverty Line )ration cards are blue and "computerized"in the Bangalor

What is a ration card?

During World War II, many supplies that we take for granted were in  very short supply, mostly because they were needed by the military.  Gasoline, tires, butter, and many o

Why ration cards are necessary?

During World War 2 ration cards were used due to the shortage of food. Food was therefore rationed and could not be obtained without the ration card thus ensuring everyone had

Are 1940 gas ration coupons worth anything?

They are worth someone who was alive back then. I always wanted to add some of this to my Museum as a display. But it seems many people just threw this stuff out. I would pay

What is importance of ration cards?

Ration cards are used in Southeast Asia for providing  underprivileged individuals with food coupons. The importance of  Ration Cards has declined due to invention of better
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Does a command economy use ration coupons?

In times of scarcity, a command economy can use rationing, but then, it could be argued that any time rationing is used, that is a form of command economy. In better economic