Why do they call Malaysia Malaysia?

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Malaysia used to be known as the Federation of Malaya ( Tanah Melayu ). In 1963 this name was changed to Malaysia after Singapore, and two North Borneon states Sarawak & Sabah together with fed of Malaya formed Malaysia on the 16th September 1963 (though Singapore left) The 'Malay' comes from the fact that the majority of Malaysia's population at the time were of the Malay race. The 'sia' was taken to represent Malaysia's diverse culture, with Malays, Chinese and Indians making up the population (add the sia to Malay and it sounds like the end of the name is Asia).
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Where is Malaysia?

Malaysia is located in southeast Asia. It includes the Malay Peninsula (south of Myanmar) and part of the island of Borneo. It borders Thailand to the north and the countrie

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well,as a resident there I could say that we have a lot of beautiful places,islands and the best part is probably visiting the island of borneo. It's a fun place for family va

What was Malaysia originally called?

Tanah Melayu it is a Malay name which literally means Malay's Land/Soil or Land/Soil of the Malays Add in facts: The answer above is only true for half of Malaysia. T

What is the rainforest called in Malaysia?

There is one called taman negara in which is in Pahang or you may day Kuala Trenganuu! I went there for schoool camp. Located 4 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur

How did Malaysia?

Malaysia became greedy when they stole sabah from the philippines.

What are girl guides called in Malaysia?

The national association is called Persatuan Pandu Puteri, Malaysia or The Girl Guides Association, Malaysia Age groups: Kelab Renjer /Pandu Puteri or Ranger Club ages 20+ K
In Malaysia

What is Malaysia about?

Malaysia is a name of country which gain independence from the british, and still live under poor democratic system, while its people do not have bravery to fight for it. Mala