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Why do they call linford Christie lunch box?

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Because in the 1989 Olympics his shorts fell down and his penis fell out of his shortd and everyone of the girls in the crowd shouted "ITS HUMUNGOUS" then everyone thought that it looked like 2 apples and a banana and that's what Linford has in his typical lunch box.
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What is the value of a Beatles lunch box?

  Hi, I have a price listing for the Beatle's, The Yellow Submarine, lunch box w/Thermos "1968" at:$300.-650.00!     Answer   It is About $20-$30 Australian do

How do you make a bento box lunch?

  There are really no limits to what can be in a Bento box or what can be in it, but the traditional bento consists of these parts: 4 parts rice 3 parts meat or fish

Inventor of lunch box?

The inventor of lunch boxes, the first were metal, were created by Alladin Company in 1950. Although, the state of Florida banned them due to the use of them as weapons in ear

What is the value of a Munster's lunch box?

If you're talking about the 1965 version it all depends on condition level. In mint condition around $1000.00 but the value goes down a lot for anything below near mint. Nice

What did evacuees have in their lunch boxes?

the evacuees had rationed ham or spam sandwich (spam you can buy from a supermarket or a local conor shop) they had a piece of fruit like a apple,banana,orange and other fruit

What is a Plastic lunch box made out of?

gtrbvb4 bct4 vbfhb\\A\\QZKI\\AZ Plastic boxes are made out of thermoplastics, usually polypropylene as they are colourful, don't stain and are hard wearing.

How do you say lunch box in Australian?

Dilly-bag I think..... Try and call a lunchbox a "dilly bag" in Australia, and you will get some very strange looks from other people. A lunchbox is ... a lunchbox. "Tucker-
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Where can a metal lunch box be purchased?

You can go online to Lunchboxes and purchase many lunch boxes of different materials and sizes. Alternatively, you can go online to PlanetBox to buy a better version of the st