Why do they call strawberry a berry if its not a berry?

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For a while, it was mistaken for a berry, as it looks like any other "berry". The seeds on the outside are not really seeds, but they are the strawberries ovaries. Yet, even with this knowledge, people have not changed the name, for it is in our vocabulary and will probably take a long time for the name to change, if it does.
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Is a strawberry a berry?

Scientifically, no a strawberry is not a berry. A berry is classified as a fruit that is entirely produced from one ovary of the plant. However, the flesh of a strawberry is p

What is a strawberry if not a berry?

Technically it is an " aggregate accessory fruit ". A berry is a fleshy fruit which doesn't have a pit or "stone"and which is produced from a single flower containing a sin

Why aren't strawberries berries?

A berry is just is a single fleshy fruit with seeds inside. What makes a strawberry unique from the berry classification is that the actual fruits, which are informally calle

Why is a strawberry not a berry?

The strawberry is a small plant of the Rosaceae (Rose) family. All varieties of the strawberry plant belong to the Fragariagenus. Strawberries are not really berries or fruit,

Why isn't a strawberry a berry?

A berry is if the entire fruit is fleshy, you would call it a berry. Avocados, blueberries, and grapes are berries. The seed must be in the inside. Strawberries' seeds are on

Why are strawberries not berries?

Strawberries are known as "false fruits." This is because the flesh of the strawberry is not derrived from the ovary but from adjacent tissue. The true fruit of the strawberry

If a strawberry is not a berry then what is it?

It is in a category called "Accessory Fruit" (or False Fruit). By botanical definition, a berry is a simple fruit having seeds or pulp generated from a single ovary. False Fru
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Is a strawberry a berry and is a banana?

Is a strawberry a berry? No. Many people think that a strawberry is a type of berry but itis not. If you do some additional research on this then you willfind this out too. Is