Why do we cry?

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When we have a specific emotion that causes us to cry whether it's happiness , or sadness, we basically have an over reaction in the year ducts causing us to cry, because of the over reaction caused by the emotion
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Why do we cry when we're sad?

Tears flow from our eyes when we cry because they contain chemicals and hormones produced by our bodies. When we become upset, our brains and bodies overreact and work overti

Why and how do you cry?

The reason why you cry is because when you think of something sad,your eyes become watery.The water in your eyes is actually mixed with mucus and sea water.

Why did you cry?

I cried for many reasons, these include- acting, confusion, anger, the passing away of someone close, knowing I've done something wrong, feeling wronged, movies that are about

Why do you cry out of no where?

you may suffer from clinical depression, a common disorder. My wife has it, and takes an anti-depressant. You should see your doctor.

How can you cry?

You're watching the final scene in Thelma and Louise , and you're on your third handkerchief. You turn your tear stained face to the side and look through blurred, saline-flo

How not to cry?

well child when you become of age you will hit puberty and not feellike a baby two year old anymore, the best advise i can give isGROW UP PUB RESENT B****H

What is cry?

Crying is the most common way that human beings relieve the pressure of strong emotions.. When you cry, you produce drops of water or tears from your eyes.People often cry wh
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Why do I cry?

you feel sad and it help remove bacteria through liquid
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Why do we cry we are hurt?

We cry when we are hurt because if it is sexually, emotionally,verbally, or even cyber bullying we need to express how we arefeeling. Some people decide to show these emotions