Why do we get horny?

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So we can reproduce. A man have to be horny to get a erection and the female orgasm helps to get pregnant. When she has a orgasm the cervix dips down in the semen and helps picking it up into the Uterus.
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What is horny?

Horny, is the term used for when you are feeling sexually aroused.

What do you do if you are horny?

masturbation is usually the safest and easiest solution. simply masturbate and try watching some decent porn vids i.e red tube.com or rude.com

What do you do if your horny?

go bone a chick or masturbate well if you are a boy its simple. wank yourself. (rub your dick very hard, up and down)and if you are a girl try humping a pillow.have fun you ho

When do you get horny?

when you feel like all you want to do is have sex but its just a phase that alot of young people use

How do you be horny?

think about stuff that u like..like hot people or somebody u like or something like that..

What do you do when you get horny?

Bullsh*t you dont have to mastrubate each time you get horny cause you just said boys think about sex like 10-20 which amkes them horny so you wil be mastrubating 20 times a d

Why are you not horny?

Some people's sexual urges are not as strong as others. Everyone is different. Don't worry too much about it, but accept it as part of your personality.

What can you do when your horny?

Whether you are a girl or a boy the best thing to do is just take matters to your own hand,, masturbate ,, don't try to kill those feelings cause believe me it kills you !!
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How do you get me horny?

show you mine lol . watch elephants . touch it . girl or boy . girl-finger but dont use long nail . boys- tug dont make a needle go through your pis whol
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How you get horny?

guys: rub penis girls: rub sensitive area
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What can get you horny?

pics of actresses Jeri Ryan, Kate Mulgrew, Marina Sirtis and/or Gates McFadden nude. find them and more at www.startrekfakes.com
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How to get horny?

Try to Masturbate, get naked and look at yourself in the mirror, or think of arousing or exciting things such as porn, a girl/boy you are sexually attracted to or Watch porn.
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How do you get horny ?

Well I get horny maybe 3 times a month and i go on to different websites and if you look below i will give you i list that can help you get horny your welcome Www.seducti