Why do we have chocolate Easter eggs at Easter?

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you celebrate choclate eggs on easter because jesus last desert was choclate
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Why do you get chocolate eggs at Easter?

In the United States most Christians celebrate Easter Sunday as the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead. For quite a few years now unbelievers have tried to pull attention awa

Why chocolate Easter eggs?

Chocolate eggs are a traditional staple during the Easter seasonand holiday. Milk chocolate eggs are some of the most popular.

What have chocolate eggs got to do with Easter?

"The hare, the symbol of fertility in ancient Egypt, a symbol that was kept later in Europe…Its place has been taken by the Easter rabbit" (Encyclopedia Britannica, 1991

What are chocolate Easter eggs made of?

To be honest, i think that is quite a stupid question to ask. What are Chocolate Easter eggs made out of? Well They are made out of chocolate obviously, what you meant t
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What is the biggest chocolate Easter egg?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, in the year 2005 the world's biggest chocolate Easter egg was recorded in Belgium. This giant Easter egg was reported to have